Prayers For Our Daughters Gospel Dance Project

Infinite Energy Center, Duluth, Georgia, United States
Sat, Jul 02 - Sun, Apr 02 2017

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Infinite Energy Center, Duluth, Georgia, United States Infinite Energy Center, Duluth, Georgia, United States

About our event

“A Dance Concert that brings together over 5000 people that will change lives as we worship and praise Jesus Christ.”

Charmed and Cherished is proud to announce our Annual Gospel Dance Concert on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017. Our ministry consists of individuals & groups from various churches uniting together with the one purpose of ministering God’s word through dance. We use our gift of dance to share the gospel & the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost and to encourage, comfort, and edify the saints in the faith. Our goal is to spread the good news of the Lord; while redeeming souls, restoring faith, and relaying God's message through the worship of dance.

Prayers for Our Daughter Gospel Dance Concert leverages the use of imagery and inspiring, accessible language through dance and improvisation. This year our performance is set around the prayers gathered from the community and our peers lifting our daughters assisting them to understand who they are in Christ. Through this project, we strive to help our daughters reject negative thinking that peers, insecurities, and society create in them. Using the powerful expression of dance and improvisation, we seek to encourage a desire for the presence of God in everyone’s life and heart. The target audience is a diverse crowd including, students, families, community leaders, and professionals.


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Sponsorship Opportunities

As a sponsor, your organization or business will have the opportunity to gain valuable exposure through the success of this event.

Prayers for Our Daughters is a great opportunity for your organization or business to become involved in a purposefully gospel project the offers a year of opportunities including our annual dance concert. Besides enriching and supporting the Christian community, there are numerous other benefits to your organization or business, including the following:

  • Increase your organization or business visibility in the Atlanta area.
  • Promote your organization or business to approximately 7500+ audience members/performers.
  • Publicize to hundreds more people via advertisements throughout the local area (i.e., flyers, posters, programs, and our event/project Web site).
  • Reach a diverse cross-section of families, students and community members of the Atlanta area.
  • Make a largely tax-deductible donation, since Charmed and Cherished is a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Gain the potential for future involvement.
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Charmed and Cherished is a faith-based Performing Arts, Youth Enrichment and Leadership Development Ministry for children, young adults, & their families. Leveraging our community relationships, we strive to enhance our youth's spiritual & cultural exposure. Charmed and Cherished offers self-development opportunities using both a robust curriculum and provide spiritual guidance. The program's purpose is to engage the students and their immediate family support providing tools, confidence, and knowledge to be better than they were yesterday. Our core values are set on the promises of Christ and the vision is to strengthen the values of our youth.

Our primary focus is girls ages 12 - 19 but also provide activities to families with children ages 4 - 19. Through Project-based learning (PBL) engaged students learn not only the curricula and the concepts involved in a project, but also learn how to organize and present their thoughts, how to manage a complex project in a limited amount of time, and how to collaborate with members of a group.

Through a contemporary technique class and liturgical choreography, the students begin with a warm-up that prepares the participants to learn to work from within to cultivate deeper physical connections while discovering their individual and unique voice. All participants collaborate in designing and implementing a project-based annual dance production.

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