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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Fri, Mar 29 - Fri, Apr 12 2019

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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About our event

Who we are and what we do

Pose images is involved with high volume event photography in Melbourne Working with Dances School, Sports Clubs and the Victoria School Music Festival. VSMF runs each year supporting over 14,000 students from across Melbourne’s private and public primary and high schools. Parents of young competitors are typically affluent and influential professionals who consume across a range of categories including travel, health, nutrition, financial services, and insurance. Pose Images provides a platform for engagement with these individuals and their extended social networks which creates a valuable audience for brand penetration.


This year we are launching a new strategy to give families of children performing in local and national competitions an additional benefit of free sponsored professional digital photographs of their child's performances accessible for sharing on social media. Many children in perform regularly and have a strong social media presence and many parents currently post phone shot images of them to avoid the cost of a professional photograph. Despite this, the demand for professional photographs is continuing to increase.

Our new strategy is to provide FREE Sponsored on-stage photos to all of the performers. Parents/Competitors will receive a personal web gallery of all their images during the competition. The competitors and parents will have the control to choose which images they want to share online. All on-stage web gallery photos will have indelible Pose Image’s Major Sponsors message branding, giving that brand major exposure benefits. Typically a  6-day event will have 2000 performance. We take 30 photos of each performance. 50,000 images will be shared by the 500 contestants to say 200 friends and even if they shared only 10% of the photos, the brand message spreads dramatically.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

We think that it is likely to benefit your company to join us as a Major sponsor of the free photos at one or more of our competitions. These range from 200 - 15000 participants in dance, sports, and school music.

As your marketing partner, Pose Images takes our relationship seriously. You are making an investment in our customers and in return, we promise to deliver strong targeted recognition for your brand message.


Our customers trust that Pose Images will give them the best images possible after working with most of them for a number of years.  Communicate your values by sponsoring an event that matches theirs. Earn trust by demonstrating your support for their passion.


You'll will have access to thousands of people when you become an integral part of the competitions on stage photographs through title sponsorship, and potentially having your brand and message displayed throughout the venue.


Tell a new audience how much your brand cares about its community. Your support will drive recognition and appreciation for your brand.


  1. As the major sponsor, you have your message on every free on-stage image. Competitors and parents can share these images on their various social media accounts.

  2. We can organise a pop-up media wall for competitors can take their own “selfie style” photos in front of the sponsor's logo wall which can include your brands hashtags. We provide lighting so that their mobile photo photos turn out professionally lit.

  3. We interact with contestants and parents and they are familiar with us. Asking for promotional videos is also a possibility.  We're highly skilled at engaging with and leveraging those connections for your benefit.


You want to know your sponsorship dollars are working to raise the profile of your business. We provide detailed activity statements to you after every event.


We have the trust of our event community providing sponsors with a valuable marketing channel. We have our own database of clients and we partner with professional organisers for larger events.



Major Photo Sponsor

As a Major Sponsor, you receive. Your brand message displayed on every on-stage photo taken during the 6-days event. 2000 performance x (25-40 images taken per performance) = 50,000 - 80,000 images. Your branding will appear on all printed materials, advertising, and electronic media associated with the photos at the event. You will also be invited to display banners and set up a booth at the venue. We recommend a pop-up boutique featuring your unique products and services. You have the opportunity to provide prizes for media or promotional activities You have the opportunity to provide equipment, services, technology or staff as part of the value of the sponsorship arrangement. We can arrange a thank-you message or photo of recipients with a thank-you banner You have the opportunity to include a flyer in all prints ordered subsequently for purchase.

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Stephanie Britton. Event Photographer and Owner Pose Images

Stephanie has more than 15 years of experience in public relations and event organising. She started her career in New Zealand where she worked as a supervisor in hotels events departments. She specialises in complex high profile events and particularly enjoys working with children and families. This is her tenth year working as a high volume event photographer in Melbourne.