Sat, Sep 29 2018

Paul Robeson Multi-Cultural Educational Tour,

Santa Monica Playhouse & Group Theatre, Santa Monica, California, United States Santa Monica Playhouse & Group Theatre, Santa Monica, California, United States

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    Written & performed by Stogie Kenyatta. This is the number 1 touring One Man Show in the U.S., the Caribbean. This is the most requested Multi- Cultural Educational show on the Educational Circuit & the favorite on the topics of Diversity, Compassion,   Social Justice & the music of the Harlem Renaissance. This entertaining, laugh out loud, music filled show with audience participation, covering his friendships with Albert Einstein, WEB Dubois, Langston Hughes, Cab Calloway, Jomo Kenyatta, & others who contributed to the cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance.  

    The play is a tribute to the legacy of a tortured genius filled with triumph and tragedy. Graduating top of his class & Valedictorian in 1919 from Rutgers Univ. he got a Law Degree from Columbia University & passed the NY State Bar in 1922 & became the first Negro lawyer hired by a NY Law firm. He transcended race and dreamed for a colorblind society. He spoke out against the Holocaust, visited Warsaw ghetto in Poland & co-founded the OAU (Organization for African Unity).

    This show; like Robeson’s life; serves as a Cultural Ambassador a classy, cultural artistic centerpiece that complements many social agendas. Our objective is that the show will inspire an appreciation for diversity & propel its audience to greater achievement & guide them to a more Nobel life.

    The goal of the play is to awaken, enlighten & uplift  a new generation of citizens & students so that the lost brilliance of Robeson doesn’t remain lost. To let all people know; that the best of Paul Robeson lives in all of us & with it the power to change the World.”

    Why should you sponsor?

     Performed in over 300 Universities from Columbia, Yale, John Hopkins, UCLA, to UWI - Barbados, Virgin Islands,  U of London, Birmingham, England & US Embassy's in 16 countries around the world. Stogie Kenyatta is one of the top teaching Artists in the world on how Arts & Culture helped the world embrace our common humanity.   

     We're excited to work with your company to bring this prestigious show to underserved University  Multi-cultural Student Groups in the USA.  

    think highly of  the efforts your Company is making in cultural diversity says it coincides with his passion to use theater as vehicle for social change & a more compassionate societyStudies show the many benefits & advantages of a multicultural arts education & its ability to improve educational achievement & social interaction.

    Exposure to this demographics in an entertaining educational environment, with logo, mention that show is a "GIFT "  from said corporation and I'm open to any marketing or cross promotion you may have in mind.  

    Stogie Kenyatta

    My objective is to use Theater as a vehicle for social change; with this entertaining, romanticized, history lesson along with great storytelling, music, comedy & heartfelt emotion of America’s amazing, yet painful history; to advance our culture & uplift a darkened humanity. 

    Studies show multi cultural education increases social responsibility, cultural diversity, tolerance & student involvement. Multicultural education is even more important because today’s students are living in the most ethnically, socially & culturally diverse educational environments in history.   

    The most popular music, arts, literature, clothing, sports, TV, Film or social media, around the world is American.   Descendants of enslaved Africans have invented every form of music on the planet earth with the exception of Opera & Classical.   On almost every Continent; we are the dominant culture. Not because of bombs & bullets, but Arts & Culture.

    There was a time in world’s history when every couple decade’s world leaders would get together & have a World War & say “let’s kill our brothers”.  The 2 largest military conflicts in human history were WW1 & WW2.  Over 90 Million people died over 62 Million of those were civilians.  At the end of WW2, a world weary of war, bloodshed, misery & suffering now needed entertainment & there was nowhere to turn, except that village in Harlem New York and that cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance. Where all the singers, dancers, musicians, poets & social intellectuals like James Baldwin, Dubois, Josephine Baker, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn & the great Satchmo, Louie Armstrong flooded the stages, nightclubs & Cabarets of London, Paris, Milan & Switzerland. These descendants of rebellious Africans; who influenced & created every form of music on the planet; except Opera & Classical. America’s unwanted stepchild, America’s shame, those enslaved Africans that she told the world were culturally & intellectually inferior, that she once sold in chains & locked in cages, now shined like stars when they stepped on stages. Sharing their artistry, passion & brilliance, showing the world our common humanity & thereby creating a new Black identity. Only then did a chance for a lasting peace exist.  So Negroes despised in the own land, found the fame & fortune denied them in America.    

    Paul Robeson said “Nations may go to war; but it’s always Arts & Culture that unites us”. I believe that Arts is one of the gatekeepers of history & protectors of the truth. It is my humble intention to use Art as a vehicle for social change to advance our culture to one where futures aren’t built on the misfortune of others and dreams not realized on the shattered dreams of others.   This is an earth school, we can be taught to love as we were taught to hate. We’re more than personality, we are spirit & we all have a sacred contract to fulfill. It’s not a literal document, it’s a spiritual one that our souls recognize, it a love you can’t stop.

    Today’s advances in technology allows us to operate a Drone from any office downtown USA and kill masses of humanity thousands of miles away. We need to educate a new generation of students that know instinctively that “Just because they can; doesn’t mean they should”. This is the goal of my show & multicultural arts education.  I look forward to working with you.

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  • 501-1000 attendees expected

    41% Male Attendees

    59% Female Attendees

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