Fri, Jul 13 - Sun, Jul 15 2018

OneTeamMVMT Development Camp,

Place Bell, Laval, Quebec, Canada Place Bell, Laval, Quebec, Canada

  • About the event

    OneTeamMVMT is a globally-focused nonprofit organization based in Canada, working to promote synchronized skating on to the Olympic Stage. We are the only nonprofit organization working on behalf of the synchronized skating community, and therefore have a very large, engaged community, who are anxiously following and attending our activities.

    Synchronized skating is a female-dominant team sport, combining artistry and athleticism, which is currently not an Olympic sport. As such, our OneTeamMVMT development camps promote:

    1. Girl & youth empowerment
    2. Equal access to knowledge & education, especially at the grassroots and elite levels of the sport
    3. Sportsmanship, inclusion, and developing life skills to create well-rounded athletes
    4. Spreading awareness of synchronized skating in the community

    Our 3-day international development camp will attract skaters and coaches from Eastern/Central Canada & USA. We will have 3 groups of attending athletes, divided by age and skill level ( 7-12 / 13-18 / 18+ ).

    The camp will be held July 13-15, 2018, at the prestine Place Bell in Laval, QC. It will be the first and ONLY synchronized skating development camp ever held in Quebec (filling an essential need in the market), offering a state-of-the-art, premium experience for mid-level skaters, whether they are looking for life-long enjoyment, or aiming to one day be a world-class competitor.

    Why should you sponsor?

    In a world where youth are increasingly less physically active, OneTeamMVMT wants to do a better job of providing accessible opportunities for girls & youth to remain involved in sport. It is particularly important to provide athletic opportunities that promote girl empowerment; sports that are artistic, but also athletic; sports like synchronized skating.

    The synchronized skating community is so tightly woven, that sponsoring OneTeamMVMT will bring thousands of curious yet appreciative eyes to your brand. We want to give you the attention of our community that is thousands-strong; we want to send their eyes to you, because to date, very few companies have aligned themselves with synchronized skating, which means there is a huge opportunity for you to come in, and own the market.

    In addition, our organization is the only nonprofit that represents and advocates for synchronized skating. Our audience is incredibly engaged and supportive of our activities, which means if you align yourselves with us, you align yourselves with synchronized skating.

    Sponsoring our camp(s) will give you direct exposure at the camp (100+ individuals), but more importantly, it will give you exposure to their teammates (each attending skater has 20 teammates who may not be at the camp), their parents, their coaches, and our online community of 8000+ members. In addition, because we are an organization that runs 365 days a year, we can discuss opportunities to include your brand in additional promotions such as giveaways and branded contests as we have done in the past (we did a $1000 giveaway, and the video submissions attracted over 400,000 views! Imagine that contest was sponsored by you...

    If you are looking to align your brand with athletes, healthy-active living, female empowerment, youth empowerment, life-long physical activity, community-building, sports marketing, and/or reach an engaged audience in North America, please contact us at OneTeamMVMT.

    Lisa Miadovnik

    My name is Lisa Miadovnik. I'm an international consultant for synchronized skating, a former 8-year member of Team Canada in synchronized skating, and founder of OneTeamMVMT; the first-ever nonprofit organization that is advocating for the growth & development of synchronized skating, so that future generations in the sport can have their Olympic Dreams fulfilled in a way I never could. 

    I retired from competitive synchro in 2016, after no longer being able to afford the training and travel fees of an unfunded sport. In my 21-year career as a synchro skater, I saw so many areas of the sport that needed improvements, but there was no one there to take the initiative. Thousands of athletes in synchro want nothing more than to see the sport in the Olympics, but I knew unless we found a way to empower the community to ingite change, nothing would ever happen. Thankfully, I was not alone in this thought process, and quickly found a group of brilliant minds who were passionate about the same cause. These people now form the board of OneTeamMVMT.

    I started OneTeamMVMT as a way to give back to the sport and help it grow to an Olympic discipline. I want to market the sport to corporations who can help bring new eyes to the sport, and I want to help corporations adopt some of the principles of synchronized skating; that we are stronger together, and together, anything is possible. Aligned with synchronized skating, I am confident we can achieve success beyond measure.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    15% Male Attendees

    85% Female Attendees

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