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NYC Loves Selena!,

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    "How you doin', Houston, Texas!" - Selena Quintanilla-Perez.

    Exactly 23 years ago, there was once a shining star who came from nothing to becoming a legend. Her name Selena Quintanilla, she was a Texas native from Corpus Christi, who created a path for young women around the world when there wasn't one. Selena was often known as the "Mexican Madonna", with her fashion sense, unforgettable voice, heart of gold and charming smile, she's won over the hearts of everyone who's come to know her. As a young little girl, Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla always knew that his little girl was going to change the world, he felt strongly in his heart that one day his baby girl was going to change the world for not only to women, but for Latinos around the world, and she did. During the time of her young career, Selena often faced many obstacles her way. At the time, Tejano music was mainly dominated by men. Often times her group created by her father 'Selena Y Los Dinos' were boo'ed off the stage, made fun of and was told that they were never going to make it. However, Selena knew that she had to keep going, she knew deep in her heart that they were going to make it. She had a dream and that dream became a reality. By the time she was 15-16 years old, she was brewing up something that would leave everyone speechless. Everyone was captivated by her voice, her dance moves, fashion sense and her kindness. As she grew up in the music industry, from the outside looking in everyone saw Selena blossom into the beautiful young woman we love today. With her unfortunate short life, Selena has achieved a life time of opportunities. At the age of 23, Selena was the first female Tejano singer to win the prestigious Grammy award for her album 'Selena: Live! 1993', she has won numbers that most would lose count, she was featured in a movie with Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando and Faye Dunaway. Sold out 3 annual concerts along with breaking records at the Houston Astrodome in Houston, Texas. The list goes on to what Selena has accmplished and to think of what more she could've done is only what the mind can wonder. Unfortunately, on March, 31st, 1995 at a Days Inn motel in Corpus Christi, Texas, Selena was fatally shot by her fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar just weeks before she turned 24 and her 3 year marriage anniversary with her husband, Chris Perez. Who would of thought that the death of one person can cause a massive heart break to thousands of fans around the world. Weeks after her death her last recorded studio song 'Dreaming of You' was released, Selena had hopes on making an english cross-over album but that dream came to an end. For the next twenty-three years, Selena has left an impact not only in music but for fashion, being an advocate for women and children and making sure that with an education, "The impossible is always possible" quoted by Selena. For years, Selena fans around the world has always kept Selena's memory alive. In 1997, Jennifer Lopez starred as Selena in the movie 'Selena' which resulted in being a home favorite for fans everywhere. My best friend, Lesley and I have always been Selena fans before the age of 10. She has impacted our lives to become believers, dreamers and that we can too, make our dreams come true. In every way possible, we do the best we can to keep Selena's memory alive because to us, she will always be with us in our minds and heart. Last year on June 17th, 2017, we held our very first event called 'NYC Loves Selena' it was a tribute show made by fans, for the fans. We wanted to gather everyone we knew that loved Selena to celebrate her legacy and to also for those who were not familiar with Selena to learn about her, we can assure you that after that night, they became hooked! Selena was not just a singer, to many of us, she was the American dream. Our show last year was one of the first tribute events ever in New York and we knew that after that day, we have created a way to make all of us feeling just a little more closer to Selena. The show was a success, nothing stopped us and with having everyone there with us, we strongly felt that it could not be stopped there. So, we decided that for the year of 2018, we will try our hardest to make it happen again. Our performers came from different parts of the U.S, our performers came from Nebraska, Texas, Los Angeles, Virginia and more! It was an amazing event that made us come together and forget whatever problems we were dealing with at the time and made us remember truly that we must always celebrate life because we are never promised a second chance. We welcome everyone to come to our event to dance, sing, learn and enjoy what we've been working really hard on. Our first show was completely on us, we dealt with the finanical responsibilites with flyers, staging, audio and etc, however, to my best friend and I, it was worth it 100% of the way. For this year, we hope to have more to give to our audience, we want to create an even bigger event for everyone here in New York and for those who will be traveling from different parts of the U.S to perform or to simply watch the show, to go home and feel that special feeling that we feel everyday because to us, we'll always believe that "The impossible is always possible." We hope to see you there!


    Love always, 

    Vilma Jasmine & Lesley Camille.

    Why should you sponsor?

    We strongly feel that our event should be sponsored because this is way for us to not only celebrate Selena but also to showcase our talent. When we think of Selena we see a piece of us in her. We believe that if we want to make our dreams come true, we can't give up. This event isn't just a way to have a couple performances and it's over. This event is how we come together, we want to also make donations to children who unfortunately don't have that same opportunity to live out their dreams due to their situations. A sponsor should support our event because we want show to the audience that because of one person, we are able to connect and create something that we can think back say "Look how far we came, we can really do whatever it is we set our minds to if we don't give up." Supporting our event won't be a dissapointment. Our first event was such a success that even months later, we constantly receive messages of when our next show will be. And we truly can't wait to have this opportunity agaim.

    Vilma Tapia

    About Vilma Jasmine:

    Vilma Jasmine is a musician, dancer and singer from Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 7, Vilma Jasmine was introduced to music by her father. She first learned how to play the guitar, later on in her life she also learned how to play other kinds of instruments. Singing and dancing has always came natural to her. Where there's a dancefloor, she'll dance. Where there's a stage, she'll perform. With high hopes of becoming a singer/song-writer, Vilma went to the Urban Assembly School of the Performing Arts in Manhattan to one day learn more about music, dance and even acting. From the 9th grade until her senior year in high school, Vilma was also in a alternative rock band named Say Goodnight along with her best friends. In those 4 years, the band Say Goodnight has performed at the Apollo Theater, performed in many parts of NY, won for the first time in Battle of the Bands, and even recorded and performed in Smash Studios. Now at the age of 22, Vilma still has the same dream to one day become a succesful singer/song-writer, dancer and actress. With dreams of giving back to her community that has always supported her even in her weakest of moments.


    About Lesley Camille:

    Lesley Camille is a musician and singer from Manhattan, New York. As a young girl, she was always influenced by music along with her father who has taught her growing up how to play the guitar, bass, and drums. Lesley Camille aspires to one day become a singer and with her voice, she has a promised future in making it big time. Lesley Camille was also in a musical group that performed in New York playing their own songs and covers. Also, aside from being a musician and singer, Lesley is also a very talented artist, in her spare time from school and work, she draws and paints beautiful portraits of her family, friends and the Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla. Whenever Lesley puts her heart into something, she always gives it her all. Now at the age of 22, Lesley continues to strive for a future where she can give back to those in need. That is what makes Lesley a beautiful soul. With her angelic voice, handful of talents, there is absolutely nothing she can't do alongside with the support of her parents. 


    It's no wonder why they crossed paths and became best friends.

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