New World Record Event

Cumberland Mall, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Sat, Jun 09 2018

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Cumberland Mall, Atlanta, Georgia, United States Cumberland Mall, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Special things happen once in a lifetime that you'll never forget. On June 9, 2018, you would have to see it to believe it for yourself. Bentley Brandon will hand wash 100 cars in 8 hours for a new Guinness World Record. Bentley Brandon isn’t a stranger to washing cars professionally. For 20 years to be exact in the rain, sleet, snow, freezing temperatures and even hot weather since he was thirteen. Bentley Brandon has been successfully serving the public. But now he’s up against the biggest challenge in his professional career. 

On the day of this event at Cumberland Mall in the parking lot, 100 cars from dealership across Metro Atlanta will be used, as each one will become memorabilia from Guinness World Records and Bentley’s legacy.  Root for Bentley or root against him, either or this is a moment you don’t wont to miss. The proceeds from this event will benefit Children Healthcare of Atlanta.

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Guinness World Records name speaks for itself and their reputation is known worldwide and there events are always huge. This will be the first time Guinness World Records has been held in Atlanta for this type of record ceremony. Each sponsor will have exposure and visibility to local and national media coverage. This event will provide visibility for sponsors to gain maximum market exposure via live television. Media Alerts, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Other resources like guerilla marketing will be very instrumental.  Thus, this gives a great opportunity for sponsors to grab such media and get maximum benefits out of these medias!




Proceeds will benefit Children Healthcare of Atlanta



Basic Sponsor

Logo use on promotional material & event stuffer Company acknowledge before, doing, after the event Company Logo on selfie canvas wall FREE CATER FOOD FREE ADMISSION for company guest limited to 5 Press interview Photo taken with Bentley Brandon Name listed on Bentley Brandon website as corporate sponsor



Hot Sponsor

Handout materials to all guest 3 Speaking Engagement (Introduction, 2 Rest Breaks) Logo on selfie canvas wall Media Press Interview Promotional video played 5 times on video wall FREE CATER FOOD Special announcement by Host custom to sponsor VIP seating on stage for 1 Special acknowledgement from Bentley Brandon live doing the event Sponsor takes group photo with Bentley with GWR Plaque doing this award ceremony Sponsor will take solo picture with Bentley Brandon



Drink Sponsor

Will offer drinking breaking doing event logo printed on uniform for event 10 banners logo on all printed material



Car Dealer Only

Logo use on all promotional material Exclusive make of car brand (ex: Honda dealer only) Availability to sale all vehicles onsite 10 vehicle will be used for live event (hand picked by Bentley Brandon) Company Logo on collage selfie canvas wall Name listed on Bentley Brandon website as corporate sponsor Company rep introduction speak pre event or doing live exhibition Each vehicle will receive a hand autographed memorabilia picture from Bentley Brandon FREE CATER FOOD 1-3 minute company promo played on video wall every rest break Bentley Brandon live testimony of vehicle while washing during event. VIP seating on stage for 2. Media Press interview Special announcement by Host custom to dealer Entire Dealership Team will take photo with Bentley Brandon with GWR Plaque Each vehicle will receive a hand autographed memorabilia picture from Bentley Brandon VIP guest takes photo with Bentley with GWR Plaque doing the award ceremony



VIP Sponsor

Logo listed on all materials including event flyers, event posters, newspapers ads and other promotional materials Exclusive Press Release Opportunity to make welcoming comments at event Opportunity to make closing comment at event 10 company promotional commercial played on video wall Bentley Brandon Live Testimony for sponsor Logo on canvas wall for selfie on all exhibition entrance Air Plane Banner for New World Record with Sponsor logo 5 Promotional Bus stop ads on Cobb Linc routes FREE CATER FOOD VIP seating for 5 FREE ADMISSION for 10 Guest Exclusive Photo with Bentley Brandon with GWR Plaque



Shoutout on Radio

With each TV appearance company with be mention and any product will be promote. 5 major shows and networks

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Bentley Brandon with a name that demands success and respect has obtain the attention and endorsement of formal President Obama, Trust Dale, Diamond and Silk and even President Trump and so many more. Bentley Brandon has lead a path of hard work in an industry that’s has been behind in growth and education. Bentley brings unique success that inspired all walks of life.

With many years of hard work and learning the business at the age 23, Bentley purchased the business from his last employer. Being heavily invested in the community as a business owner and serving the Smyrna and Metro Atlanta area. Bentley was encouraged to run for city council district 3. As a minority he made history being the youngest and one of the first minority to ever run in Smyrna since the city was in existence.  Bentley surely won people hearts for his courage but only gain 30% against incumbent Teri Anulewicz.

 After recovering from defeat Bentley decided to focus on issues that all drivers, but especially parents have in the their vehicles. Education on how to keep their car clean in between washes. Bentley most popular product called Backseat Pledge kit is the first car etiquette kit ever. Parents are rejoicing knowing that their kids are pledging to keep the backseat clean. While other drivers love his audiobook “Your Vehicle is an Extension of YOU!” and “Car Care for HER” and “Road Rage GOING NOWHERE FAST”.  While it’s easy to notice Bentley Brandon thumbs up signature pose. His attitude and motto of “Keep going and don’t quit” is very clear in life.

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