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Models With Acne: First Event,

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    Do you have a ton of cleansers, toners,lotions, mists, and masks in your cabinent that are unused, rejected. Don't be a shame there are a lot of product junkies out there like you.The trial and error method in finding a good skincare products can be extremely frustrating. If it didn't work for your skin it might work wonders for someone else's skin.
    Join us in this gathering of skincare lovers as we swap products, learn about skincare routines, play games, relax and enjoy some snacks.

    Co Host: 
    Essence,The Esthetician
    Instagram: @tribecalled_ess


    Date: Sunday October 7, 2018
    Time: 3:00- 6:00pm
    Location: Breather Studio


    1) What is Models With Acne ?

    Models with Acne is a community space for women liberation to feel beautiful. Our space is for you to practice self care; retrain the mindset to appreciate yourself and leave behind self consciousness.We are here to maintain a balance on how us as women view beauty, where women do not develop an unhealthy behavior such as piling a ton of makeup on, using airbrush and photoshop tools excessively on social media, or even stopping yourself from taking part of an activity due to your insecurities.We are here to promote self acceptance and self confidence. Women that may have skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema as well as women with no underlying skin issues such as aging beauty, richer toned women and women with clear skin, who feel like it's a requirement to cover up or feel ashamed of what is natural to them.We want women to have the privilege of feeling equally beautiful with bareface or makeup on.We are here to remove the stigma of imperfections.

    2) Do I need to RSVP to attend?
    Yes, Email *****@****.*** 
    with your name or any guests you bring with you and the number of products you will bring to the swap.

    3) How much is the event?

    100% Free

    4) Is it a requirement to bring skincare products in order to attend this event?

    It is strongly recommend to bring at least one product to swap.The more products you bring in the better! Products must be new/lightly used products such as cleansers, toners,lotions, mists, and masks etc...
    Hygiene Guideline:
    If you want to bring a soap bar must be unused.

    5) What is the schedule for this event?

    3:00pm-3:30pm- Mingle and Eat!

    3:30pm-3:40pm- Storytime with Fanta (founder of Models With Acne)

    3:40pm-4:00pm- Ask A Esthetician

    4:00pm-4:30pm- Let's Swap! Get out those products and swap

    4:30pm-5:00 pm- Game Time!

    5:00pm-5:30pm- Free Time!

    6:00pm- Wrap up! Swap Social Media and Contact Info

    If any more questions/concerns about this event that is not listed on the FAQ.

    Please feel free to reach out to us through Instagram @modelswithacne 



    Why should you sponsor?

    Sponsorship Offerings


    • Our attendees will enjoy your delicious products which will motivated them to purchase after the event. Majority of our audience have skin condition such as acne, which a lot of the times the dairy products they consume is what may be triggering  them to breakout, so we can bring awareness to your products on how it is great alternative when craving pizza or ice cream.


    • Created a video segment with professional chef cooking a dishes featuring your products; which will be uploaded on our  youtube channel.

    • Post photo of product on Instagram while share information about it.


    Why We Need Your Support?

    We hope to raise funds to be able to open up a in person community space. 

    Models With Acne will offer rich, diverse, life affirming guide on topics in personal growth, skill building,wellness and relaxation. We are a unique space and we need your support in establishing a powerful essence. We have take on inspiration from all kinds of space related businesses: from yoga studios,cafes to spas and start-ups. Our ability to take the initiative and grow the community will depend on our initial force and from any amount of your  generosity and support. 



    Fanta Ndao

      My name is Fanta Ndao and I'm 24 years old. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York by West African immigrant parents. I'm a full-time student at Aveda Institute; studying esthiology. I truly find happiness in making my own natural skin care/hair care products in my spare time, it is a connection with my mind, body, and soul. In my opinion, anything organic natural whether it is the plant, the seeds, or the oil it all has a relationship with each individual human being and you may find a product that really connects with you whether it is physically or mentally. I struggle with acne prone skin for a number of years and I was in the modeling industry where there was a lot of pressure in fitting what was made the standard of beauty. I decided to stop modeling around the age of 22, To find true contentment in my life. In the past, I find myself seeking people's approval which didn't make sense to me due to my beliefs which is that I’m the creation of god so I should only be seeking validation from my creator. I want to purify my mindset and not allowing negative people get in the way of how I live or view myself. My experiences lead me to have a beautiful vision to start the initiative Models with Acne which is creating a space for liberation for all women to feel beautiful.


    Social Media Handles:

    Instagram: @ceooffanta

    Youtube: ceooffanta


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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    8% Male Attendees

    92% Female Attendees

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