Mon, Jan 14 - Tue, Dec 31 2019

Millennial Physics Experiment,

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • About the event

    I wrote and debated Finite Theory in astrophysics that refutes Einstein, Michelson, Morley and even Newton. It also extends General Relativity by solving:

    • The perihelion precession
    • The light bending
    • The galactic rotation curve (without dark matter)
    • The expansion of the universe (without dark energy)
    • The mass of the invisible universe encompassing the visible one

    The official debate can be found here:

    And I advocate the following errors by famous physicists:

    • Einstein's constancy of the speed of light with an apparatus at high velocity will be found to be false
    • Michelson & Morley's bidirectional speed of light needed to be unidirectional otherwise the net effect cancels out
    • Newton's implied absoluteness of the reference frame simply disregards rotation which is very important to consider

    Once again there is no other way to Make North-America Great Again but to invest in fundamental scientific research to create a real economy.  So I am looking for sponsorship to send the following apparatus of $100,000 USD:

    Aboard the International Space Station to prove it and to correct the last 300 years of physics!

    Furthermore, the theory is already pre-approved by the US National Lab. So join us for this important historical milestone!

    Why should you sponsor?

    If this once-in-a-millennium experiment is shown to be successful or not, your visibility will skyrocket!  

    And if it is successful then the credit goes directly to the sponsors!

    Phil Bouchard

    I am a computer scientist with 2 decades of experience in the commercial industry across North-America who wrote in his research and development efforts:

    • Fornux C++ Superset
    • Finite Theory of the Universe

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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