Fri, Sep 22 - Sat, Sep 23 2017

Come Party with Migos... LIVE in Concert !,

New York, New York, United States New York, New York, United States

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    Hello! I have access to New Yorks biggest, and most gorgeous club, Amazura... I made a phenomenal deal with them! The owner and management know and trust my ability to get these events done... They wanted me to provide them with huge Multi-Platinum acts to perform once every 2 weeks! My family, my friends & business associates keep asking me the better part of two years, to get back into it. They love that I cook nice Organic Farm to Table Food, but at the same time they know & can tell sometimes that I miss doing things in that Arena... So I'm asking for a little of your help, so we all can create something sustaining; & very special in Music & Television Entertainment! I have the know-how! I have access to celebrities, in music, film & sports, as I stated previously... Most can't book these celebrities easily; neither can they get the prices I can... In the past, I've gotten them most times at 50 percent off for any event... I'm a Private Executive Chef & former TV Producer @ Metro TV. Manhattan New York! I am just doing what I loved to do in the past. This time it's for my company...  Please quickly check out Migos's video that I've linked, Bad and Boujee. its the biggest party song in the world; & it isn't slowing down! They have a string of certified hits! The song is Multi-Platinum in sales, tops the charts for almost 10 months, & over 460,000,000 Youtube views; on just their biggest hit alone! They truly sell out shows touring the world with ease... They are very humble & easy going brothers making their dreams come true; & this situation can help provide some jobs & help a few more families as well... This is the beginning of a huge weekly televised Concert Series! With my over 18 years of experience producing for others; coupled with my club, radio, top selling artist, & connections with the major Music Networks; is sure to build a winning situation for all involved... So, with that being said, I'm looking for up to 5 sponsors at $15,000 a piece, 3 at $25,000 each, or 1 for the whole $75,000, that is returned in full, the moment after all ticket sales are processed, and monies are released to us... There can be more slots instead of what I've laid out, open for more people at less per investment as well! Thank You kindly for your time & consideration! I appreciate it immensely Cross.

    Why should you sponsor?

    They basically get the whole promotion for free; being that they are actually paid the whole $75,000.00 back through initial guaranteed, sold out sales! Your products & or business will get maximum exposure; actually, at 0 cost! All monies, are returned in full, to any one or more Sponsors at least two weeks before the event commences... Monies will also be made, & split amicably when the series of events sell for television viewing. If any initial sponsors want in on all the future concert events produced; they are welcome! That is also stated in the initial contract negotiated between all parties involved... Thank You. Cross Dilena, The Dilena Group CEO

    Cross Dilena

    Once again, I am a Private Chef in NYC. I have a professional background in the entertainment world formerly as a Metro TV Video Show Producer! Look, I actually don't want your cash in hand.. I just need 3 items to be initially paid for and the total sum of ticket sales can be directly transferred to the sponsors PayPal account, linked through my companies StubHub account! You will actually pay me out and the rest of whatever bills are left over as far as Rider Requirments and such. I never actually get monies transferred to me to Produce; please just pay the initial bills for the event and we are good! Both our Lawyers can provide any clarity needed between parties.. Neither of us could be any more protected. Thank You! Cross.

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  • 2501-5000 attendees expected

    30% Male Attendees

    70% Female Attendees

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