Fri, Jan 03 - Fri, Feb 28 2020

Medical Camp for OPD & IPD in Afghanistan,

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi, India Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi, India
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Subrat Das

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    Indian Doctors helping people of Afghanistan and performing OPD & IPD at afghan cost.



    Implementation of Marketing Measures - 36 Month

    When presenting Sehathind medical tourism, it is recommended that the following main value propositions identified on the basis of the reasons for the choice of the country as the destination should be communicated:

    • Qualityprofessional qualifications of specialists, compliance with the JCI standards and international accreditations, quality of nursing care
    • Price – Cost-effectiveness and the availability of skilled professionals
    • Convenience – the rapidness of the provision of services and the variety of the services provided as one package
    • Cultural/ mentality proximity and linguistic aspect


    The following three medical tourism marketing strategies are to be parallel implemented:

    • Print Media – Brochure, leaflets, booklets, newspaper/magazine and Medical Journals.  
    • Social Media – Promotion of Sehathind brand through various channels of Social platform (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
    • Events & Broadcasting – Organising Indian Doctors OPD in target countries through localized marketing & news agencies.


    1. Conclusion


    The result of this study has revealed that India has great potential to be a major player in Global Health wellness and medical tourism sector. In order to realize this potential, Sehathind intends to capitalise on this potential by becoming the pioneer in systematically implementing the following initiatives in the Indian market:

    • Sehathind facilitates Medical Treatment + Ayurveda & Yoga + Heritage Tours = One Package.
    • Development of infrastructure ( Creation on Online Portal, facilitation of competitive price model )
    • Ensuring 100% transparency end-to-end enhancing  quality of medical, alternate medicine and tourism services through Healthcare Tool
    • Consolidations of diverse, unorganised, informal health and tourism sector in India and other host countries.
    • Implementation of marketing measures (Promotion through Print, Social and Broadcasting)
    • Development of sales channels and promotion of BRAND Sehathind as a One stop solution for all Medical tourism & Tourism in India.



    If proposed initiatives were fully and properly implemented, it is estimated that in 2020 Sehathind could attract approximately 5 thousand medical tourists and earn income of approximately 9 million. This would create the basis for Sehathind to become the fastest-growing medical tourism company in the Central Asia and Africa region. Cost-effectiveness and the availability of skilled professionals were the major factors responsible for India’s emergence as one of the top medical tourism destinations.

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    Good Practice and the Competitive Environment in Countries like Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan & Iraq.   


    Sehathind identified the marketing measures that have the greatest impact on the decision of tourists to travel to a particular country are as follows:


     1) Content on the Internet;

     2) Image of the country and comprehensiveness of information;

     3) Recommendations, feedback, and success stories.


    We are changing this instead of just doing Medical Tourism, we are outsourcing Indian surgeon minimum for a month to perform Knee, Spine and Neuro and team of junior doctors for 6 months and leasing hospital, partnership with host hospitals to perform Free consultation and charged surgeries.


     Taking this into account, the countries promoting medical tourism usually have well-developed central sources of information on medical tourism and unified databases on the Internet.

    When assessing the aspects increasing Sehathind competitiveness in the medical services market, the following key factors should be highlighted:

    • Competitive benefits of combining Medical Treatment, Ayurveda & Yoga services will significant attract foreign client flows, which could serve as a sales channel while seeking to attract more foreign clients for other medical services
    • Due to its geographical, linguistic and cultural proximity India is more accessible to Central Asia, South Asia, Africa markets than some of its competitors
    • India has more physicians and a greater number of inpatient beds at hospitals than SAARC, CIS Countries or other countries – competitors; thus, India has the potential to accept significant flows of medical tourists provided that available resources are used efficiently and are adapted for export. Outsourcing of Indian doctor in rotation to host countries hospital for operation and referrals of Medical tourism to India.   

    Vision and Objectives

    The potential vision of the promotion outsourcing of Indian Doctors and medical tourism in India: India is the most rapidly growing medical tourism country in the World.

    The potential objectives of the promotion of Sehathind medical tourism in India formulated for the implementation of this vision are as follows:

    • India’s annual income from medical tourism – 3 billion Current  & expected 7 -8 Billion (by 2020)
    • Annual growth of the number of medical tourists arriving in India – 15.87 %
    • India is among the TOP 5 countries in World in terms of the number of medical tourists per capita
    • Income from medical tourism accounts for at least 30-40% of the total income of India medical service providers.


    Target Markets

    On the basis of the results of the target market analysis provided in the Feasibility Study, it is proposed that Sehathind should focus on the sale of medical services in the following markets and will representation office in following location:

    In a short-term perspective (1 – 5 years):

    • Afghanistan (Outsourcing Indian Doctors in Afghanistan in Orthopaedic, Cardio, Neuro Surgeries & IUI,IVF services)
    • Iraq  (Outsourcing Indian Doctors in Orthopaedic, Cardio, Neuro Surgeries & IUI,IVF services)
    • Bangladesh (Outsourcing Indian Doctors in Orthopaedic, Cardio, Neuro Surgeries & IUI,IVF services)
    • Nepal (Outsourcing Indian Doctors in Orthopaedic, Cardio, Neuro Surgeries & IUI,IVF services)
    • Cambodia  (Outsourcing Indian Doctors in Orthopaedic, Cardio, Neuro Surgeries & IUI,IVF services)
    • Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan (Outsourcing Indian Doctors in Orthopaedic, Cardio, Neuro Surgeries & IUI,IVF services)
    • Nigeria & Kenya  (Outsourcing Indian Doctors in Orthopaedic, Cardio, Neuro Surgeries & IUI,IVF services)
    • USA & Canada ( 0 waiting time medical services, Ayurveda & Yoga)
    • Australia ( 0 waiting time medical services, Ayurveda & Yoga)



    In a medium-term perspective (5 –10 years):

    United Kingdom, Germany (Less time & cost medical services + Ayurveda Treatment).

    France, Japan, Israel (Tourism with Ayurveda, Yoga & Dental Implant services).


    In a long-term perspective (10 – 15 years):

    • Canada & Latin America, Scandinavia and the Far East (medical services with Ayurveda, Yoga & Tourism in India)

    Priority Services

    Taking into consideration the results of the analysis of the Indian medical services with the largest potential, it is proposed to concentrate on the promotion of the following services:

    The services oriented towards the Central Asia markets:  Complementary Services (Ayurveda, Yoga & Medical Spa)

    • Cardiology, Urology, Vascular Surgery
    • Neuro & Cancer Treatment
    • IVF, IUI & Surrogacy
    • Orthopaedic surgery
    • Bariatric surgery


    The services oriented towards the African markets: Complementary Services (Ayurveda, Yoga & Medical Spa)

    • Orthopaedics & HIV
    • Rare diseases, Gynaecology & Obstetrics
    • Non-invasive diagnostics, Knee, Spinal.
    • Odontology


    The services oriented towards Eastern and Western markets: Complementary Services (Ayurveda, Yoga & Medical Spa)

    • Cancer Treatment, Neuroscience and brain surgery
    • Orthopaedic Hip and knee joint replacement surgeries
    • Paediatric Surgery
    • Urological surgery
    • Medical Examination


    Assessment of Sehathind Potential

    Taking into consideration the target markets and priority of medical services and increasing the flows of medical tourists that Sehathind could attract more than 10% of the market by implementing the proposed marketing strategy, infrastructure building and strategic concept. The size of the target markets and the assessments of India’s potential by each target market are provided in the table below. 

    It is forecasted that India could attract approx. 5, 65,000 medical tourists and earn income amounting to approx. 40.1 billion from medical services by 2022.

    Subrat Das

    Subrat  Das – Founder/ CEO                                                             

    Hi there, my name’s Subrat Das. I’m the founder of Sehathind Medical Tourism & Tour Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi, India. After completing Bachelor in Computer Application in 2008 from Pune University, MH, India, started worked with IBM Technology, Dell Computers, Wipro Technology as Business Consultant on projects like Transfield Services Australia, Nexeo Solution (USA) and many more.

    Before forming Sehathind, I travelled to country like Russia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan to explore the current healthcare industry and opportunity. We have created Sehathind brand in order to meet every possible requirement and expectation of our patients and their close ones. It does not matter where you live. There is an international standard for healthcare and we will provide that to you. There are many differences of Sehathind which makes it stand out from other companies. The most crucial difference is that we have created this brand by observing the needs of the patients and their close ones, as well as observing the needs of the doctors who have over 30 years of experience and dedicated most of their lives to their patients, educated many medical students who are working as doctors in many different hospitals, published countless medical journals. They needed a corporate and trustworthy company to work in the medical tourism sector.We are more than happy and proud to say that from our establishment till today we have started providing patients medical solutions. Also, we have achieved first’s prepaid services in the medical sector. Today at our service locations with hundreds of expert doctors, nurses, medical personnel as well as strong partners we have a crucial role of distributing health with advanced diagnosis methods, latest technological equipment and also with close care.

    Our vision of giving immense importance to medical research, patient-centered service policy, commitment to medical ethic values and provide the best possible medical resource are irrevocable for our quality standards.

    Sehathind brand is growing, innovating and investing for you and providing its services in different locations in India without compromising its values.

    For us planning your medical journey and providing you the best and complete service for the uttermost important period of your life has the most crucial importance. We work relentlessly for you to live your life as a healthy and happy individual. In addition, we will keep on working with a strong attachment to our quality and trust values.

    Because your health is the most important concern for us.

    With respect

    Subrat Das

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