Thu, Oct 19 - Sat, Oct 21 2017

MCYM Youth Convention-Ivania 2017,

Surat, Gujarat, India Surat, Gujarat, India

  • About the event

    MCYM of St.John Chrysostom Diocese of Gurgaon is delighted to invite you all to the first Youth Convention-“Youth: The Follower and Evangelizer” that shall be held from 19th October to 21st October in St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church, Surat. The convention shall commence by 12 p.m. on 19th October and end by 2:30 p.m. on 21st October.

    All are requested to partake in the celebration of our brotherhood and thereby strengthen our bond in Christ through this convention. The convention shall comprise of interactive sessions, fun activities, group discussions, volleyball and throw ball tournament, cultural night, adoration and much more to celebrate the joy of brotherhood and humanity.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Help in giving perspective and arena of thought to young minds!!


    Socialization is an important tool that sows the seeds of progressive thought in the minds of young. It acts as a catalyst in giving us evolutionary roles and thus serves as building blocks. In the 21st century, humanity is deemed to be at the pinnacle of prosperity in terms of resource allocation and technical advancement. However, the bitter truth is that we have become blind to the needs of our brethren who don’t have similar access to socio-economic capital.

    In the context of rapid development, we have quite forgotten about nurturing our souls and enabling humanity to thrive forever. Our future generations will comprise of a selfish lot of individuals that will merely survive to satiate one’s own desires; however excessive they may be.

    The blame of not having inculcated humanity will be put on us who never gave back to society through our existence.

    We, the MCYM members have realized our plight and yearn to bring about change by uplifting youngsters of downtrodden and underprivileged areas who don’t stand a chance in the rapidly advancing world where profit making is the sole motive that drives personal existence.

    We seek to engage them with privileged youngsters from urban areas through a residential convention wherein a continuous mutual sharing of life experiences and interpersonal dealing will open a plethora of new perspectives for the participants.

    This is a major task and one that requires lot of financial support from humane and philanthropic people who wish to see humanity flourish amidst adverse conditions. We have our own limitations but shall strive to contribute through whatever means possible. It will be a boon for the generations to come if we are able to sow the seeds of new perspective in the minds of youngsters who have become stubborn and rebellious due to constant exposure to a biased system that doesn’t care about their existence. We seek to do our bit in ensuring that these pessimistic minds learn to cherish optimism to live a fruitful life that shall serve purpose to both our nation and society.

    We sincerely hope you shall cooperate and contribute to this noble cause.

    MCYM Gurgaon Diocese

    We believe that change is the only constant and everything is in a state of flux. But overtime we have seen that inequalities are also constants.The division between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots and access to services and denial of basic necessities are also constants in this world marred by inequality.When we see that despite the hue and cry over development of all and resultant adoption of inclusivedevelopmental measures, the 5% rich possess wealth than that possessed by the rest 95% combined together;it becomes evident that it is high time that humanity woke up from a deep slumber induced by the lethal combination of capitalism, liberalism and recent neo-liberal approach in conducting political, economic and social affairs.A nuanced understanding and an analytical approach is required to decipher the source of inequalities that have become perpetual in nature. This was sought to be achieved through imparting hands on experience to personnel in the realm of allocating resources judiciously in an efficient as well as effective manner.

    Have been a facilitator in the Teach India English for Employability programme of The Times of India for two cycles spanning 6-7 months.As part of the same was involved in teaching English to underprivileged youths with special emphasis on employability and preparing them for job fair conducted in collaboration with the CSR sector.

    Have been an executive member of the church's youth league and organised productive seminars on themes like emotional intelligence, spirituality in the 21st century,etc and delivered lectures in youth meetings.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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