Tue, Jul 03 - Fri, Jul 13 2018

London Miss Elegance,

London, England, United Kingdom London, England, United Kingdom

  • About the event

    We believe that being the most beautiful will not always win you a crown, but the way you present yourself. our goal is to help young ladies to develop poise, self-confidence, leadership and strong public speaking skills. We want to give young ladies the platform to learn moreabout themselevs.  

    Why should you sponsor?

    The Event

    The London Miss Elegance competition is run by Events London Uk, targeting all races of people and all ages within the Metropolis, London.
    This is not to be confused with your typical beauty pageant. This Pageant showcases beauty, talent,self-confidence, leadership and strong public speaking skills.

    Sponsor Branding

    We will utilize multiple advertising streams to promote the event and highlight our corporate sponsors.  These streams include Social Media ad campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and lastly a local street team to do hand-to-hand flyer distribution throughout the major areas in London.

    We offer corporate branding on our website, with direct links to the sponsor pages.

    Its going to be a fun packed event as audiences will have the major stake in who gets to be crowned the London Miss Elegance 2018 with them having about 60% of the vote. We will have professionally runaway modelling show and the contestants will also get a chance to vote for other female fellow contestants based on their pleasant personality, fun or helpful nature and kindness shown to others during the competition process which is dubbed the Sister Queen Award.


    Our audiences consist of a diverse population of youth and working class people that are loyal and dedicated to all things to improve the lives of young women in their areas. When they come out to our event, they are always dressed to the tee, ready to have a good time, spend money, and support the contestants. Those loyalty traits are key for corporate brands seeking to connect or expand their consumer base of the youth and capture a piece of capital generated by their steadily increasing annual retail spending. 

    Why should you sponsor

    This event is to give young ladies the platform to learn more about themselves and branch out of their comfort zones in being themselves.
    Every community needs a role model and this sets the pace for the young woman being crowned the queen to be a role model not just to the community but most importantly to the younger girls.

    According to Psychology today, “we need to start also appreciating the women who use their brains to get what they want and to make a difference.”



    Regina Osei

    My name is Regina Osei and 19 years old. A good, honest and sociable person with great managerial skills. I am the CEO of Events London Uk which is a recently established Events Management Company. As part of the companies Social Responsibility which we believe in an integrated culturally diverse community united by love of our events. London Miss Elegance is the first event project of my company which seeks to empower young women and sets the pace to be role models for other young girls and their community. This speaks volumes of who I am and what I stand for. I believe as we make social responsibility a core value we set to enjoy great benefits than it being just a profit driven. It’s better to trust someone who is not solely profit driven but see social responsibility as a core value. Be rest assured your sponsorship would be worth a good use with every young woman who beams with a smile as benefits directly or indirectly through this event.

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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