Sat, Jul 15 2017

Life In 20s LIT Event,

Dallas, Texas, United States Dallas, Texas, United States

  • About the event

    Our vision for the LIT Event is simple, to transform lives.

    Being In your twenties is a tough time. We don't really have it all together but feel like we should.

    So what if there was a quicker, more efficient way of figuring this life thing out?

    What if other people in their twenties who are successful gave us cheat codes to life.

    What if we could get the answers to all the questions we never asked, and get information that was never shared?

    That's what we're doing at the Life In Twenties LIT Event. We are removing all the filters, and giving real solutions to real problems.

    Inspiring...Motivating... and Educating.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Life in 20s is a lifestyle brand that's a guide to conquering your 20s.

    Focusing on health, wealth, love, and happiness, Life In 20s aims to equip men and women in their 20s with everything they need to succeed mentally, spiritually, and physically.

    Demi LaVoyce

    My name is Demi LaVoyce, the creator of Life In 20s.

    I'm really your average 21 year old, trying to figure life out. The only difference is I've done things a bit different from most in their twenties. 

    I skipped college and jumped right into entrpepreneurship. Of course, I failed a few times before I found something that stuck! 

    Luckily, I've had that business for over 3 years, and it's still growing! 

    I get asked from my peers all the time how I did it...not necessarily how I became my own boss, but how I broke the mold. 

    How did I go against the societal norm? 

    How did I have the courage? 

    How did I figure it all out?

    The truth, I didn't figure it all out. 

    Still haven't really...

    The only difference between me and most, is I took the risk.

    This is why I created Life In 20s.

    To not only educate people in their twenties on how to navigate life and keep a healthy body and mind, but to also encourage them to take the risk! 


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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    28% Male Attendees

    72% Female Attendees

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