Sat, Mar 02 - Sat, Nov 02 2019

LeeP BlockBusters,

The Venue Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States The Venue Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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Mudern Mud

  • About the event

    LeeP is an innovative approach to the entertainment magazine program. We explore Sub-Pop cultures as it relate food, travel, fashion, art, entertainment and so on. All focused through the prism that drives cultures. MUSIC! 

    LeeP Live is a weekly event-seriesI which we present a mini cultural festival based on themes derived from our feature music genres.The event allows our audiences to, literally, step into the pages of our world. LeeP provides everything you will experince at a major music festival micronized down to what we dub, a DayFest.

    Why should you sponsor?

    The 15 year plight of marketers, how to reach the Millenial effectively. You have to be part of the sub cultures that personifies this generation to understand what drives this generation.They are not casual starry-eyed observers.  They are actively involved connected participants and tech/communication innovations allow them to be.

    As a media company we engage this elusive market in meaniful ways that are organic, responsive, not contrived. We are where they are in real space, online, and their socialspheres. This let us tap into this enigmatic market providing our sponsors practical avenues to reach them in consitent engaging manners.

    David Mc Castle

    3rd Orb Events LLC is unique events entertainment company in which we are made up of professionals that are experienced in a multitude of disciplines. They include the obvious TV Production, Festival Promotion, Event Planning and Marketing but it extend to Documentary Film Makers, Professors of Cultural Studies, and Sociology,  as advisors. We fully understand we're creating something new and revolutionary in many aspects. So we're alligning ourselves to an ever expanding global network of professionals that share our vision.   

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  • 1001-2500 attendees expected

    40% Male Attendees

    60% Female Attendees

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