Sat, Sep 09 2017

LED Productions Promotional Event,

Chicago, Illinois, United States Chicago, Illinois, United States

  • About the event

     LED Productions hosts events all around the Chicago land area for boys and girls 18 years of age or older. We attain a venue that we believe our crowd alone will be able to get to and from that location, safely. Then we inquire about an Artist or Dj's                   ( depending on the event ) 

    are goal is to bring together these up and coming artist / DJ's and all of their base following to bring them a great show at a low cost and also to bring all of our group a great night full of only fun, new, exciting, and memorable experiences that they will be able to remember and talk about for a long time.

    This upcoming event at North ave beach is mainly for promotion to help reach a part of our target market we haven't reach yet. We will send out an invite and have our partners as well send an invite letting everyone know we will be there as well through our social media. We choose north ave beach because we believe most of our target market will be in that general area. This event will give new people a chance to get to know what we are about and the movement we are going to create in Chicago for the entertainment Industry. Knowing that tourist will be around the area as well gives us a small reach to other coutries for those who hear about us from the beach event. Giving these people who may have never heard of us before a chance to be apart of this promotional event will be the beginning of the trend we are trying to creat within the entertainment loving people. We beleive that Chicago has alot to offer and what better place then the beach.

    Why should you sponsor?

              LED Productions is an entertainment company trying to reach a larger crowd to form a stronger following base. Essentially, the final goal would be to have a large enough following to host parties, shows, concerts and finally concerts. As the sponsor, the plan to keep your company close throughout our journey to the top is big for us considering it's the reason LED Productions grew from a start because of your sponsorship. This means that a page on the website will be dedicated to all the special sponsors that have helped get the business going. We also would like to include that our work together isn't going to be just for one event, We would like to work with you guys at least twice to show everyone that we are working hand in hand and give the sponsor a stronger impact on the person the next time they see you guys there.

             As our sponsor LED Productions will provide visibility, this will be in the form of your company logo on our fliers, banners, website, t-shirts, wristbands and more. If you guys are willing to provide us with any kind of brochures or advertising material to pass out or give more detailed information about your company we will provide staff to learn about your company to provide a better understand to the audience. If you guys will provide free merchandise to give out to the audience as well we will do that, we understand people love the little things and really love free things. This will not only leave a picture of your company in their heads but as well give your company free marketing as they go around the city with a shirt, ball or event keychain. We will provide a section just for your company with a table holding any information or objects you may want to give out but most importantly this table is meant to catch everyone's attention and finally give the company social media leads. We would have anyone that may want more information go like, follow, and share your page, and maybe after that they can get free merchandise. Finally we will provide a recap video that will be uploaded to LED Productions social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube.

             The event hosted at North Ave. Beach is a little over 12,000 sq. ft., which translates to approximately 1600 people. It will be at the heart of the beach where almost all college students or high school seniors are at and at times we will see tourist that may be interested and may bring some information home with them and share it with friends, co-workers or family. The beach has an age range going from 16- 30 years old on average. This is great because it exposes a younger audience to our name and what we do. As they turn 18 assuming they have been connected ever since they were 16, they would have been sharing our past events and staying connected throughout those 2 years virtually exposing their friends since 16 yrs. Old over social media.

             Staying connected with the sponsor is key, this is why we already have multiple areas of communications such as Skype ready to go to hear any ideas or changes they may want to talk to us about.

    Luigi Ortiz

    To whom this may concern,

    My name is Luis Alejandro Ortiz, 19 and live in Chicago. I am currently going to school at a Albion in Michigan. I have been involved in many homeless shelter soup chickens here and some in Florida, where my sister lives. I was nominated by a college program I attended since a sophomore at William Howard Taft high school called East Village Youth Program for the Posse Scholarship, which is for a full ride to a university. I've been accepted to over 10 colleges around the united states including Michigan state university, Barry University, SIU and more. Since a sophomore I have taken over 2 college level course, Business 101 and Financial Accounting. At 17 I woke up at 6 to drive to Arlington heights for an Insurance Company I was interested in. At 18 years only I was full licensed and was on the field for a while until a couple of financial things happened and I wasn't able to us my parents car to drive over there anymore or to a clients house. I have always had a great time seeing others have a great time and decided to make something out of it. I am here with a good heart just looking for some help ready to work at my best.

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  • 1001-2500 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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