Sat, Nov 02 - Sat, Sep 14 2019

Lead Conference 2019,

Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

  • About the event

    It  is  a  known  fact  that  a  lot  of  youths  in  the  Nigerian  universities  have  a  steady  source  of income  through  monthly  pocket  money  and  not  all  are  knowledgeable  about  saving  out  of it. Even  those  that  save,  do  so  in  a  fixed  account  whose  interest  rate  returns  are nothing to write home about. The  opportunity  is  that  your  company  is  one  with  various  investment  mutual  fund options  that  help  you  save  your  money  and  this  is  not  all,  but  also  helps  you  grow  your money  in  the  investment  world  so  that  over  time  your  savings  have  significantly accrued  interest.  (A  popular  saying  that  your  money  has  worked  for  you  while  yet being saved without you having to do any business or trade). If  we  tap  into  the  potentials  of  these  young  minds  at  an  early  stage,  it  is  possible  to  teach them to save and not only that, but also invest. To  be  able  to  do  this,  we  present  an  opportunity  to  reach  out  to  these  students  in their  respective  institutions  through  the  organization  of  conferences  in  major  universities in  the  country  thereby  teaching  and  explaining  the  importance  of  Savings  and Investing  in equities, real estate and money market instruments.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Sponsoring this event will mean you are a part of the processes involved in making Students able to save for the future. They are also able to invest the savings so that it can accrue interest To  those  that  are  looking  to  start  up  a  business  during  or  after  school,  this  can  be  an opportunity to help build a start-up capital to kick start it. This  can  help  ease  the  burden  of  the  children  on  their  parents  after  school  as  they  can have a substantial amount of money to go about their life.




    Through  the  conference,  your  company  will  be  projected  as  an  important  player  and  leader committed  to  activities  that  benefit  students  and  every  other  young  Nigerian.  The conferen ce  can  also  directly  support  your  organization's  marketing  efforts  by  offering brand positioning  and image  association.


     We  help  you  create,  develop  and  enhance  credibility.  Few  opportunities  are  available  to build  trust  and  establish  rapport  with  your  customers  and  prospects. Getting involved  with this  event  and  being  seen  as  dependable  and  supportive  will  accelerate  this  process  for  you. Attending  an  event  is  important  bit  standing  out  in  the  crowd  by  being  a  sponsor  will highlight  you  and  your  business  with  a  captive  audience.  This  will  also  send  a  message  to participants  as  well  as  the  entire  university  community  beyond  the  participants  that  you  are genuinely  interested  in  providing  developmental  support.  Showing  generosity  for  this cause  will  spark  more human  interest  and  appeal  to  the  audience  and  the  entire  university community. 


    Assurance  of  corporate hospitality  that promotes  closer  relationship with  your current  and prospective  customers is also a guarantee  by  sponsoring  this conference.

    Folagbade Abitogun

    The organization is an  organization  with  the  mandate  and  mission  to  young  people,  especially  Students  around the  globe,  teaching,  informing  and  empowering  them  onto  a  better,  excellent  and  influence oriented  lifestyle.  This  is  done  by  providing  platforms  such  as  seminars,  conferences,  life coaching  and  academic  coaching  as  well  as  production  of  educational  materials  such  as magazines  and  eBooks  that  contain  articles  that  teach  and  educate  the  minds  of  these  young ones and encourage  as well  as empower them onto personal development.


    This will be the second edition of the conference. Our focus is on every young person out there

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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