Launch Party - Dinner for Investors and Media

New York, New York, United States
Mon, Oct 15 2018

Sponsorship Pitch

New York, New York, United States New York, New York, United States
#Business & Professional  #Media  #Party

About our event

The event is an exclusive private dinner hosted by Playfold to unveil its new product, and the guests range from high net worth individuals to some of the biggest VC funds in New York, like Tusk and DCG, to music producers and media like TechCrunch and CoinDesk.

Performers, keynotes and social mingling will entertain the guests, and given the smaller size of the venue (the event will be attended less than 30 people), everybody will have the chance to meet and talk with each other.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

A small, exclusive party for the biggest tech investors in New York, which will be also attended by music and film producers and media networks like TechCrunch, CoinDesk and Complex will give the sponsors the opportunity to network, get their brand noticed and form vaulable relationships.



Silver Package

Logo and merchandise of the sponsor will be present at the event. Social media shout out the day after.



Gold Package

Logos, merchandinse and a representative of the sponsor can be present at the event, which is and exclusive private dinner in New York city, hosted by Playfold to unveil its new product. High net worth individuals will attend, and the sponsor will have the opportunity to be noticed by investors, producers and media networks such as TechCrunch, Complex, CoinDesk, The Next Web. Social media shout out the day after.

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Playfold is a London based tech company that develops apps and protocols for the new generation of creatives. New ways to be active, create, share your ideas and sell your content. All made secure and future-proof by blockchain technology and our tokenised ecosystem.

Playfold's first application, the "Activities", is launching soon in NYC and London. Discover the evolution of creative social media. With "Activities" you will be able to participate in challenges, contests and other fun games, and stand to win real money. It's the redefinition of social engagement, from scrolling down a feed to creative activities that get people out there to play and iagine together.

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