Tue, Jun 13 - Sat, Jul 29 2017

Kids In Cyber Security K.I.C.S,

Charleston, South Carolina, United States Charleston, South Carolina, United States

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    Kids in Cyber Security is a program geared towards kids, teens and young professionals that's teaches kids cyber security and proper ethics on technology.  They learn valuable hands-on techniques and critical information that will help keep them and their families safe. Most of all, it helps them prepare to stay on top of the many threats we face in everyday internet communications by hacking.  Hacking is usefully applied in nearly all fields as it builds upon what is known to create new things, foods, designs, etc. When applied to computers and networks, it also teaches safety and security in a world quickly drowning in information where to be safer teen’s today need to know the facts from the fraud, the real from the fake, and the bad from the good

    Why should you sponsor?

    Trained, experienced and professional cyber security experts are in short supply and the problem will not solve itself any time soon.  A multi-faceted challenge requires a variety of tactics.  K.I.C.S is focussing on very specific hands-on training to provide technical kids with the tools, knowledge and back-up support so that they can be successfully at implementing future security solutions.  Its hard for  a company to find a college graduate with "Hands-on" and most won't give that opportunity. At K.I.C.S. I start at a very young age or even pre-teen so they have the most hand-on and are the ones with the most up to date information in a field thats constantly changing.

    anthony leonard

    My name is Anthony Leonard. I am a Information Security Consultant.  I've seen first hand when thrown into a security analyst, most companies expect you to know what you're doing because you have a college degree. Well 4yrs didnt set me up to use NMap, Wireshark, Kali distros, Cain & Abel. The List can go on.  Universitys graze over the top and expect for you to know the rest. Thats where i come in and help foster innovation and instill knowledge about the real world because it is very real outside those dorm walls.  Hands on about any and everything you need to know including the basics is what i show kids.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

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