Influencer Tour

London, England, United Kingdom
Fri, Nov 23 - Thu, Nov 29 2018

Sponsorship Pitch

London, England, United Kingdom London, England, United Kingdom
#Business & Professional  #Media  #Meeting or Networking Event

About our event


We are hosting a influencer tour

Locations: Amsterdam, London and Barcelona

Influencers: 5 influencers with 3,5 million followers & fans online!

Platforms: Instagram, facebook and bloggers/videobloggs

Target group: people that love traveling, nature and networking/influencer lifestyle.

Location we use to host: 5 stars hotels 

The event: Every influencer will have a speech on the hotel stage, and there will be a party.


The influencer tour is created to attract sponsors and marketing oppertunitys. 

What makes it great?

All the influencers have loyal followers and will support things they say and do, this event is about getting their followers to join and watch what they do and interact with the same brands they are representing.

At the same time..

The influencers are telling their inspiring story, and how they live their life traveling the world and doing brand deals and getting paid to stay at 5 stars hotels. 


At the same time its a great time for the online community to  network and meeting like minded people or even make colabborating deals. 

This is the future of marketing, and you know it. 

We dont have a exact location yet because we are negotiating with many hotels that are negotiating but we wont settle below 5 stars. The location will only be advertised 2 months before the event anyways.

We work with alot of influencers on a daily basis and do online marketing as a speciality. If you need more customers you can contact us, your success is our goal.

Best regards,

Andrè Johansen




Attendees Demographics

Gender Distribution


Expected Audience


Sponsorship Opportunities

Why? Because online marketing is the best marketing resource today. Influencer marketing even better. Combined they are a powerhous of marketing. We can also design the marketing to fit your needs, and in a way that suits you even if your just a local store.If you think its not for you, i challange you to contact us and tell me why you think so, we will give you proof that you will benefit from buying this sponsorship



Package 1

You can choose one location: Amsterdam, London or Barcelona for each package. There will be 5-7 rollups on each hotel. - Logo on rollups - Logo on website Highlighting The rollups will be at the entrence of the event and will be seen by all visitors of the event in every city. (Amsterdam, London and Barcelona). The rollups will be at the stage where all influencers are preforming. They will be taken pictures by all the people attending including the influencers. The rollups will stay in each hotel for 1 week before the event as a promo for the event. ( 5 stars hotels) and will be in a "picture zone" where people at the event can take pictures with people. Party: They will have the networking party at the same location as the rollups. The event website will be announced in the event group and will be promoted with ads in every citiy.



Package 2

This includes everything in package nr 1 and the logo video commercial for the event. Highlights: This will be shared 8 times over a period of 2 months on all influencers instagram/facebook accounts, bloggs and story`s. and has a reach of 3,5 million people online each time. Also promoted with ads online.



Package 3

Package 1 & 2 - This includes main sponsorship. You will be in the giveaway loop where we give away 3 free travels, airplane ticket and 2 nights at our 5 stars hotels and every person that wants to be in this give away loop has to follow your instagram page. You will also be in the event site banner on facebook and instagram. The influencers will give you a shoutout in their speech on the hotel. You will be allowed to send a person to promote your product/service on any of our tour locations.

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Im Andrè Johansen 28 years from Norway, i was born in a small town where reputation is everything, just like in marketing. If you do one little mistake you will loose it all. I come from a nice family with great values, and i have a girlfriend. I think family values are important, also great values and etichs in business are equalliy important. On the spare time i like to travel, hunt, fish and reading to improve myself the best i can everyday. 

Im the creater of the company that is creating this event.  

Ive been working in 9 years in sales and marketing, im a workaholic. I have started 3 companys i got scammed the 2 first times for over 2 million dollars and would not wish that on my worst enemy, lost over 20 employees.I have also had alot of great relationships and been negotiating contracts and partnered with big international/national companys like; Verisure, Phonero, Fjordkraft, One call and Canal digital.

In business i think its important to make deals that pleases everyone and communicate respectfully when there is a issue; i belive everyone wants the relationships they start to be successful.I have now runned this marketing company for a year now and have hired experts from all over the world to make it the best company it can be. 


Best regards, 

Andrè Johansen


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