Fri, May 24 - Sat, May 25 2019

I'm Goin Up Showcase and Networking Event #4TheCre8tives,

Smith Public Trust, Washington, DC, United States Smith Public Trust, Washington, DC, United States

  • About the event

    Concept behind event-

    I want to start out by saying that I am a independent recording artist. With me being a person that has opened for big artist locally in my area, played club gigs, and open mics, I have come to realize that playing in venues that don't value me as a performer, may not be in the best location, have the best equipment quality, or even have a sound guy does not help me grow my brand and show my fans what I want to give the from my persepective. On top of that I do not want to do the convention show where it is just about music because I feel like I am intellectual enough to bring more to the table than just that. Being a indie artist, I have to also wear the hat of being a business man as well as a creative and I wanted to creat an enviornment where I could shed light on that. 

    Many artist that I come across are looking for unrealistic opportunites from so called gatekeepers, promoters, or scammers who do not really care about giving the creative artist a platform to TRULY be the best artist they can. A lot of artist do not know the potential they posses in themselves by just creating their own platform or reaching out and working with artist directly next to them whom they can build with. They spend a crazy amounts of money on opening slots for bigger artists just to get a 5 min slot or 2 song minimum in front of an unknown crowd which is just not enough time for a serious artist to showcase their craft in my humble opinion. Especially if they are trying to build their fans or if their fans came out to see them. Furthermore,  we are in the DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) age where there is social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other internet avenues such as SPONSORMYEVNT.com which can help you throw your own event if you have the fan base to come out and support. 

    With that being said, I have decided to be the person in my community to take that step towrds INDEPENDENCE and throw my own event which will not only enpower myself, but also my fellow artists that are immensly talented and also have a decent following to all come together in one room and we all bring our fans out to create a showcase. Not only will it be as showcase, it will be a networking event as well. The twist to this concept is when I stated earlier that I don't want this to be the ordinary show with artists just performing and fans just getting a music aspect of the show. I have also decided to include vendors in this 1st installment of my event to bring create a deeper dive into small businesses. There will be several small business also coming out to showcase their artistry whether they are clothing designer, health and beauty companies, hair stylists, or podcasters. I believe that mixing live musis with small business vendors who also enjoy music will create an element where artists (singers and vendors) can come together and rub shoulders and bring light to what it’s is we all uniquely provide to society. In my are specifically, there is not one artist that I can point to that is bringing both elements to the table so there scarcity in the idea all in itself which is good because it presents CHANGE. 

    I feel that it is a must that I take the bull by the horns ans move forward with this vision because if it does not do anything else, it will prove that we as artist can curate our own visions and bring them to life and also bring people together while doing so. ART has always been about the CREATIVES and nothing more, before money, before fame, there was just art. The onky problem is that the artist did not want to deal with all the hassle of handling the business side to because either it was a daunting task, they did not want to take away from their art, or they felt that they did not have the power or cache. I AM HERE TO CHANGE THE MOLD. 

    Specific Event Details-

    It's Goin Up on a Friday Night (May 24, 2019) as we put spotlight on a room filled with the most talented and cre8tive artists in the DMV combining the our indie musical talent with our small business owners to collaborate, rub shoulders, and share ideas about what their business and what they contribute to society through art.

    There will be live performances by Tolento Jones, Ruepratt, Toga Doin' Work, Jae Alexander, and Kora The Artist. Our vendors will be Nightmare Wear, Get it On Your Own Clothing, Flexssesories, Hot Commodity, Braids by Coley, Sweet Honey Beauty, and TeTe's Butter Co.

    DJ Pino Black will be on the 1's and 2's and the event will be hosted by Kush and Konvos Karmen Kush.

    The Event will be from 9p to 1am. Please come out and support the cre8tives.


    Why should you sponsor?

    I believe that a sponsor getting attached to an event like this proves that they are forward thinking and they see where the future is headed when it comes to DIY artists. They are getting behing an innovative idea that would be done yearly at festivals and expos, and getting behind an artist who will create this type of learning enviornment at all his shows. I am not only selling music but a learning experience to the creatives, but also the fans that come to see the creatives. In yesterdays age of music, the artist was standoffish and did not want to mingle with fans, but in todays age, you have to have that humility in knowing that these are your potential consumers and you have to treat them like family, be willing to help and give information to help them. To be able to envoke emotions that will last forever thru tru human interaction. I dont only want the fan/consumer to learn the words to my songs, but I also want to create and teach about opportunites so they can go and teach to other people as well. I think that is what businesses are meant to do, BRING VALUE TO EVERY CONSUMER THEY ATTRACT. I want to do the same as an INDIE ARTIST who is okay with DOING IT A NON TRADITIONAL WAY, but who also see the BEAUTY being DIFFERENT.

    Toga Bezezuh

    My name is Toga Bezezuh,  but I go by my stage name Toga Doin' Work. I am a recording artist, songwriter, and also a curator. I have been doing music seriously since 2017 putting out my first EP called I'm Goin Up. I have opened for various artist in 500 to 1000 capacity venues and have also performed at man night clubs in my short career as an artist. I have be dupped and scammed by promoters, fake manages, and all kinds of decietful and misleading people in my journey. I dont look at them as loses because I am grateful that I got to see how grimey the musician business can be when you do not know better starting out of the gate. I gave alot of power to people who deep down never had power and they just made things sound good. Through all these hardships going on and doing alot of reading and soul searching, i found that the person i truly needed to depend on to make things happen for me was ME. I needed to build my plan from the ground up and gradually grow with my fans/supporters who already support me. I need to network with the fellow artists that I respect instead of the so called celebrities that I do not have any real relationship with. That is when I decided to start collabing with my fellow artist and create music with them in late 2018 and I was also stepping away from perfroming in clubs and hole in the walls because it did not fit my style, taste, and the people who booked me never had my best interest in mind and it was all about how to get me to spend more money. I decided that I would collaborate with my business partners, buy our own equipment as far as lights, fog machines, stages, etc and put together our own event where we would not only have artist that we collaborate with often and respect, but that we would also have small business vendors also come out and talk about their business as well and create dialogue as well as live music. I am finally knowing the power of believing in yourself first and controlling your enviornment because know one cares about the art more than the creator and what I doing with this 1st installment of the I'm Goin Up Showcase and Networking Event is just the beginning for me as a DIY musician.

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  • 51-100 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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