Thu, Aug 03 2017

Geeks & Gamers Mixer,

Pinballz Lake Creek, Austin, Texas, United States Pinballz Lake Creek, Austin, Texas, United States
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  • About the event

    This event is for the kid who grew up playing games and maintained that love throughout their adult life. This is for the young teen who loves to dress up as their favorite anime/cartoon characters outside of Halloween. This event is for the avid comic book lover who has to be on the lookout for the latest issue hitting stands. This event is for everyone who isn't afraid to embrace their passions that most would declare to be "abnormal" or "weird".  

    This is a one-night only gathering of geeks throughout Central Texas and is hosted by geeks and is the FIRST of it's kind here in Austin! We believe in providing a platform for the people to have their voices heard. We wanted to time this right before the very first AnimeCTX convention kicked off the following day because who wouldn't want to have a night of fun before even more awesome things begin! This night is meant to unite everyone for a good time and to get a better understanding of the geek/nerd cultures as a whole. 

    A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to The SAFE Alliance - a collaboration between SAFE Place and the Austin Children's Shelter which provides resources for children and young teens who have suffered from physical and sexual abuse. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    As a sponsor for this event, you are becoming a part of something much bigger and greater! How? Those who participate in conventions and the like are ready to obtain the full experience - both financially and physically. Thousands of people gather at various events throughout the state to share in their hobbies and mutual interest. This event is just a small part of that larger group.  

    The NexCrew is an official sponsor for AnimeCTX and we strive to raise more awareness about not just the convention, but primarily it's attendees. We know and understand fully that by sponsoring this event, you will be investing into future events just like this that can be expanded upon over the next decade or so. The buck doesn't stop here. We believe in brand awareness and being able to connect with our core audience. Without them we wouldn't have the means to be able to do as we do. We also believe in giving back to our community thus the reason why we decided to donate a portion to The SAFE Alliance. Your brand will be part of the reason why we are able to contribute to this much needed resource for our young people. 

    We desire to make this a yearly or semi-annual event. What that means is more eyes will get to see your brand associated with The NexCrew and the G&G Mixer. More people will hear about you and your product IF you desire to showcase it at our event. Overall we looking forward to working with you and your team!  

    Jasmine Willis

    The NexCrew is a group of individuals who have come together to bring their creative vibes and overall love of life and geekdom to the airwaves. We take the time to review some of your favorite anime, live action movies/tv shows, Korean dramas, manga, video games, and much more.  Our team is headed by Jasmine and Daniel Willis - a husband/wife duo whom are raising two children here in the great city of Austin, Texas. As local geeks ourselves we do believe in doing something bigger than just us.  The NexCrew isn't seeking popularity or fame. Our motto is "We are the Voice of the Unheard".  This means that we want to give those around us an opportunity to tell their stories and share their gifts and talents. There are too many creative minds in this world to solely focus on the ones who are on the big screens, topping Billboard charts, etc. They have a right to be heard as well. 

    As stated previously we want to give back. Whatever we receive, no matter how small, we put it to work and/or good use. Yes we understand that there are people out there who wish to make profit and make this a sustainable lifestyle. We have minor bills, in regards to our podcast, that we have to pay and we make it work. Your sponsorship will allow us to do that and more. We are small group of people doing big things. We just want to get to a place to where we can keep doing what we love and showcasing more awesome folks out there! 

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    46% Male Attendees

    54% Female Attendees

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