Florida, United States
Fri, Jul 07 - Sat, Jul 08 2017

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Florida, United States Florida, United States
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About our event

This a women event to bring women from all walks of life to embrace the journey of walking with God. This event is more than just a meet-and-greet—it’s an immersion in the kind of love and encouragement that comes from women connecting in real life. It is also raising money for the cause of providing services for human trafficking survivors. This event is in effort to raise money for the safehouse and other provider services. 

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This event is also connected to the non profit organization of the event host to fight human trafficking. As the founder of an organizatoin providing services for victim's rescued of human trafficking, this conference will not only bring awareness but will have survivors of human trafficking that will be attending this event as part of their healing journey back into the community.

The sponsor that decides to support this event is also supporting women coming together and building eachother up.

Sponsorship of this event in can be especially effective as a marketing tool as well.



Women Can Do Package

Have you ever dream about something bigger than you? Well this sponsor package is just believing in a dream. It is doing something out of an act of kindness. Encouraging a woman who believes to do what she has been called to do. This will help with venue and other costs. Women Can Do Package will recognize you as part of the Women Can Do Donors at time of conference. Shout out, thank you card, and a fearless t-shirt



Food Sponsor

Providing food for the event and being able to be on the flyer as well advertise with business cards Great opportunity to network. You will get your logo on the flyer and/or company name, fearless t-shirt, and a set up table if you like(vendors table)



Logo on Flyer

Your logo on the flyer for conference. Recognition in the event. Fearless T-shirt, Free book that I have written once it is published.

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My name is Yvie. I am a wife and mommy of 2 beautiful children. I have been through a lot of things in my life. I was a girl who was born fatherless and was sexually abused and had lived a life that really was destroying me inside and out. I had an encounter with the love of Jesus and life has never been the same. My life now is spent turning my past into purpose.

I am the Founder of Recovery Agents of Hope, a faith-based organization devoted to victims of human trafficking and the supporting of their healing process. Developing training and community development and building a Healthcare Response to Human Trafficking. Working alongside other NGO's and government officials to provide support and making the connection for victim services.

I am a true reflection of God's grace, love, restoration, and hope. Passionate about advocacy and reconciling issues. I love people and just love creating leaders.

I also have a ministry that is called Beloved Sisterhood and I am always looking to bring women together and edifying them by mentoring and training them to be leaders. 

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