Sun, Oct 15 2023

Ex-Communication The Movie,

Atlanta, Georgia, United States Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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    Ex-Communication, will tell the story of a young woman who falls in love with a charming and charismatic man who gradually becomes abusive and controlling that eventually leads to a double murder-suicide. Through her experiences, the movie will show the warning signs of an abusive relationship, the effects of psychological manipulation, and the importance of seeking help and support.

    As a victim of domestic violence, I’m the best person to make a film about domestic violence due to my unique perspective and firsthand experience. Being intimately familiar with the emotional, psychological, and physical toll that domestic violence takes, I possess a deep understanding of the nuances and complexities surrounding the issue. My personal journey enables others to authentically portray the struggles, challenges, and triumphs of the victims with empathy and accuracy. Additionally, as a survivor, I will bring a profound sense of purpose and a desire to shed light on this often hidden and stigmatized issue. By sharing this story through film, I can not only raise awareness but also provide a voice for countless others who may still be trapped in abusive relationships. My lived experience as a victim makes me a powerful advocate, and my film has the potential to create meaningful change and inspire action towards ending domestic violence.

    This topic is important to me because my mother was almost killed by my father during a domestic violence incident. He beat her in the head with a cinder block in front of me and my twin at the age of 5. We almost lost our mother, and that alone was life changing.


    Why should you sponsor?

    After viewing my film, viewers can take several actions to further engage with the issue and make a positive impact such as

    1. Educating themselves: Encourage viewers to deepen their understanding of domestic violence by seeking reliable information from reputable sources. They can read books, articles, or research papers, attend workshops or training sessions, or access educational resources provided by organizations working in the field.

    2. Supporting survivors: Encourage viewers to support survivors of domestic violence by volunteering or donating to local shelters, crisis hotlines, or organizations that provide assistance to survivors and their families. They can also offer their time and skills as mentors or advocates.

    3. Raising awareness: Encourage viewers to use their voice and platforms to raise awareness about domestic violence. They can share the film or its message on social media, organize community screenings, or initiate conversations about the issue with friends, family, and colleagues. Spreading awareness helps break the silence surrounding domestic violence and promotes dialogue for change.

    4. Advocating for policy changes: Encourage viewers to become advocates for policy changes that address domestic violence. They can write to their elected representatives, sign petitions, participate in rallies or marches, or support campaigns that aim to improve legislation, funding, and resources for survivors and prevention programs.

    5. Supporting prevention efforts: Encourage viewers to engage in prevention efforts by supporting programs that educate youth, promote healthy relationships, and challenge harmful gender norms. They can volunteer at schools or community centers, donate to prevention initiatives, or start conversations about healthy relationships with young people in their lives.

    6. Being a responsible bystander: Encourage viewers to learn about being a responsible bystander and taking action when they witness domestic violence or signs of abuse. They can familiarize themselves with intervention strategies, support services, and helplines available in their community.

    7. Taking care of their own well-being: Remind viewers to prioritize their own mental and emotional well-being after watching a film that addresses sensitive and challenging topics. Encourage self-care practices and provide resources for support, such as counseling services or helplines.

    By taking these actions, viewers can move beyond the film and actively contribute to the prevention of domestic violence, support survivors, and create a more informed and compassionate society.

    We believe that this movie has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of young college women and to raise awareness about domestic violence. By sponsoring this project, you will be supporting a vital cause and helping to educate and empower young women to recognize and avoid abusive relationships.

    The anticipated audience for our movie includes a wide range of viewers who are interested in thought-provoking and socially relevant stories.

    1. General adult audience: People who are interested in engaging with meaningful and impactful narratives that shed light on important social issues. This audience may include individuals who have personal experiences with domestic violence or know someone who has.

    2. Activists and advocates: Individuals who are actively involved in fighting against domestic violence and promoting awareness and change. They seek films that can serve as powerful tools for education and mobilization.

    3. Survivors of domestic violence: Films about domestic violence can resonate deeply with survivors, validating their experiences and providing a sense of recognition and support.

    4. Professionals and organizations: This includes psychologists, social workers, law enforcement officials, and organizations working in the field of domestic violence prevention and support. They can benefit from films that offer nuanced and realistic portrayals of domestic violence, aiding in their understanding of the issue and informing their work.

    5. Underserved audiences: It is important to consider the inclusion of underserved audiences, such as marginalized communities, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ+ individuals who may face unique challenges in the context of domestic violence. Representing their experiences and perspectives can help raise awareness and address the specific issues they face.

    By appealing to these diverse audiences, a domestic violence movie can foster empathy, inspire conversations, and encourage action towards ending domestic violence and supporting survivors.

    To effectively reach my target audience and inform them about my new domestic violence film, i am utilizing various marketing and promotional strategies such as

    1. TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create dedicated pages or accounts for the film. Share engaging content, such as trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and relevant articles.

    2. Submitting to domestic violence film festivals and relevant social justice events. These platforms provide an opportunity to directly engage with your target audience, network with industry professionals, and generate buzz for your film.

    3. Influencers and partnerships: Collaborate with influencers, activists, and organizations in the field of domestic violence prevention and support to promote the film through their platforms, reach their followers, and lend credibility to the project.

    4. Press releases and media coverage: Write compelling press releases and distribute them to journalists, bloggers, and media outlets that cover social issues, human rights, or entertainment. Seek interviews or feature articles to generate wider exposure for your film.

    5. Community discussions: Organize forums for the film in community centers, universities, and relevant organizations. Arrange panel discussions or Q&A sessions with experts, survivors, or advocates to facilitate dialogue and raise awareness.

    6. Collaborate and Partner with local and national domestic violence organizations or support groups to help promote the film to their networks, host screenings, or provide educational resources.

    7. Online advertisements like targeted online ads to reach specific demographics.

    8. Traditional media such as interviews on television or radio programs, articles in newspapers or magazines, or guest appearances on relevant podcasts.

    Ebony Thomas

    Chyna T., born and raised in Miami,FL, is a talented and passionate author who embarked on her writing journey during high school and has continued to hone her skills through college, now venturing into the exciting realm of screenwriting.

    Chyna T's love for storytelling was ignited during her formative years, where she found solace and inspiration within the pages of novels and the captivating narratives they offered. Fueled by her vivid imagination and desire to create her own worlds, Chyna T began crafting short stories and poems during her high school days. Her innate ability to weave compelling tales quickly garnered attention from peers and readers alike, who recognized her talent for storytelling.

    As Chyna T. transitioned into college, she pursued her passion by joining the FAMUan newspaper as a Staff Writer . This academic pursuit allowed her to delve deeper into the craft, exploring various literary genres and honing her skills in character development, plot construction, and crafting immersive settings. During her time in college, Chyna T also started the Social Work department newsletter and became editor in chief for a local magazine, Statis Magazine. This further validated her talent and provided her with the confidence to explore new avenues within the world of writing.

    As she delved deeper into her studies, Chyna T's fascination with visual storytelling began to grow. She found herself drawn to urban contemporary stories with all Black characters to show her community the power of cinema and the ability to captivate audiences through a combination of visuals, dialogue, and sound. Recognizing the potential of filming to bring her narratives to life in a dynamic and visually impactful way, Chyna T decided to embark on a new creative journey.

    With a firm foundation, Chyna T quickly discovered that her ability to create vivid characters and compelling narratives translated seamlessly into the world of screenwriting. Her unique perspective coupled with her twin sister, Ebony’s creative approach led to the development of screenplays that seamlessly blended their love for fiction and her talent for crafting engaging stories. 

    Now, Chyna T stands at the precipice of an exciting new chapter in her writing career. Her passion for storytelling, combined with her mastery of the written word and her desire to explore new mediums, has fueled her determination to make her mark in the world of screenwriting. With her exceptional ability to create immersive worlds and her penchant for crafting memorable characters, Chyna T is poised to captivate audiences on the silver screen and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

    As she sets out on this new venture, Chyna T remains committed to pushing the boundaries of storytelling, infusing her scripts with thought-provoking themes, and captivating audiences with her unique voice. Her journey from a high school writer to an aspiring screenwriter has been marked by dedication, growth, and an unwavering passion for the power of storytelling. With her talent, ambition, and love for the craft, Chyna T is ready to make her mark in the world of screenwriting and leave an indelible impression on audiences worldwide.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    25% Male Attendees

    75% Female Attendees

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