Fri, Jun 01 - Sat, Jul 07 2018

Erickaa's summer youth program,

Memphis, Tennessee, United States Memphis, Tennessee, United States

  • About the event

    Erickaa's summer youth program is about helping trouble youth and underprivileged teens see to there's something better than thugs and living to stereotype. With this summer program we will learn our history think of our future and to give back to our community. With erickaa's summer youth program we will get out of our comfort zone meet new faces become a part of our community in a positive way. I lived the stereotype underprivileged lifestyle showings show me different and I'm wanting to help these children to the same show them there's more to the "ghetto". That we create our own future.

    Why should you sponsor?

    By sponsoring my summer program you're giving children a chance outgrow their pads and create your own future while helping them learn how to communicate. Also working in a team seeing new opportunities.

    Kederreca Hodges

    My name is kederreca Hodges or Erickaa for short. I am 20 years old the oldest of three and since the age of 14 I was what you considered a troubled teen until someone showed me that I can do something different give back to my community in a better way I didn't understand until I see my younger sister going through the same things. From that day I vowed to show troubled teens like myself there's always a positive way of doing things.

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  • 51-100 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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