DragonBall Destination F1

Sat, Apr 11 - Sun, Apr 19 2020

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Vietnam Vietnam

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As you may know, Hanoi will be hosting its first ever F1 Grand Prix in April 2020!
We, at Infinity-Group, as a group of car enthusiasts and Vietnam lovers, strongly believe it is a wonderful opportunity to share our passion with open-minded individuals coming from all over the world

We considered that the best way to do so was to craft a very unique international event: a tailor- made Roadtrip from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, on this occasion

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a real pleasure to introduce:


Destination F1


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DragonBall is the largest organised Roadtrip in Vietnam with a squadron of 80 classic, electric, luxury or supercars such as McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Maseratti, Bentley... on a 7 days tour of Vietnam in April 2020

These ultra high net worth individuals from all over the world will bring with them high-end cars, with which they will travel across the country

A cumulative media value over 1million usd, over 1,800KM of Vietnamese open roads, live music, parties and the awesome sight of over 100,000 spectators in a frenzy ambiance

Infinity-Group presents this annual exclusive car event which has now also led to international events such as the F1 Grand Prix....

... It is DragonBall, it is epic, it’s passion, it’s breath taking and you should be part of the adventure!




• Marketing Kit • Sticker logo on cars (10 cm) • Logo on starting and finish line formula 4 Area • Advertising panels (3m x 1m) along the Start and finish line • TVC’s or infomercial displayed on the stating and finish line giant screen • Logo on printed material: posters, photocall... • Logo on DragonBall Vietnam website, in the sponsor section with link to the Sponsor website • Logo on DragonBall social media pages • Giftbag: Possibility to put some promotional gift or advertising in the giftbag remitted to the team



Formula 3

FORMULA 4 + • Logo on starting and finish line formula 3 Area • Sticker logo on cars (20 cm) • Logo on advertising pages in the press (paper) • Extra 30 seconds TVC or infomercial broadcasted on giant screen on the start line • Logo on DragonBall social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...) • Logo in banner on social Media partners website and social press media



Formula 2

FORMULA 3 + • Extra advertising panels (3m x 1m) along the Start and finish line • Logo on starting and finish line formula 2 Area • Sticker logo on cars (30 cm) •TVC’S on Yeah 1 and K+ as a sponsors • Booth 10 square meters • Logo on DragonBall social media pages and onlines partners (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...)



Formula 1

FORMULA 2 + • 2 invitations for the Hanoi Grand Prix and access to the “Dragons Nest” • Extra advertising panels (3m x 1m) along the Start and finish line; • Sticker logo on cars (50 cm) • Logo on starting and finish line (F1 area) • Logo on all printed material; • Booth in the brand village: 25 square meters in a central position • Logo on the Team Kit: outfit... • Booth 25 square meters • Logo on all the TVC’s (yeah 1, K+, VTV) • Logo + Mention on Event Trailers broadcasted

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*DragonBall is crafted by a group of international petrolheads and Vietnam aficionados. It is a trade mark belonging to Infinity-Group, which fundamental goal is to «create memories»

*Why did we call this event DragonBall? Because: Dragon represents nobility and power in Vietnamese mythology, two characteristics that fits perfectly with the philosophy of DragonBall. The common use of the suffix “Ball” for Roadtrip-related events is a reference to Mister Erwin George Baker, aka “Cannon Ball”, a motorcycle and automobile racing driver, famous for his record-setting point-to-point drives in the early 1900s, inspiring many leisure driving events


From seasonal job as Car Valet at hotel du Cap-Eden Roc, to Michelin Test Pilot for high-perfomance and competition segment, through creating and organising over 300 Roadtrips, products launching and media presentations worldwide for the car manufacturers, you can say that his life has been driven by Automotive passion


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