Dewey Does 110 Animation

New York, New York, United States
Fri, Jul 01 - Thu, Jun 01 2017

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New York, New York, United States New York, New York, United States

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We are looking for corporate sponsors for the NEW animation series, Dewey Does 110. Dewey Does and friends with your logo and message will reach 23 million-plus children and their health conscious parents. 

Uniquely inspired stories told through the Dewey Does 110 animation will prove to be an effective resource to entertain and teach our children about different sports, activities, fitness, as well as better health and wellness.  Dewey Does is a 9-year-old boy who loves sports.  Even as a baby Dewey Does loved to play with toys involving sports and fitness.  His family quickly learned why he would scream and cry if they brought home a toy or game that was something other than sports or fitness related.

Dewey Does is assisted by his talking sports equipment friends. Each with sports related super powers that only come out at Dewey Does’ Go 110 command. Dewey Does’ stories will help to inspire children of all ages and cultures to believe in themselves and to give 110% effort in everything they do. 

Dewey Does’ world of adventures takes place in his hometown, Doesville.  Kids will have fun watching Dewey Does as he deals with each challenging adventure battling his nemesis the Stape Twins and others fighting against a good healthy lifestyle. 

The goal of the Dewey Does cartoon series is to build a world-wide brand that brings fun, adventure, sports and value of activity and exercise to the youth market. Children and their families will have fun being entertained by Dewey Does and his growing team of characters, exercising, being active and eating right. Entertainment is important because we want our viewers to have fun learning.

What’s unique about the Dewey Does Animation Brand?  Each of his sports equipment takes on the personality of their sport or value to sports activity and brings a new Dewey Does adventure and lesson that involves the history of that sport, where it started, how exercising and eating the right foods makes you better in sports, activities. Dewey Does and friends will travel the land researching and learning about new and different sports from different cultures to introduce to his viewers around the world. 

For every sport and for everyone who played or just loves sports and being fit like Dewey Does, there’s a Dewey Does story to tell, from its history to playing the game.  New characters and sports equipment will be introduced as the program develops and grows nationwide and in international markets. 

The Dewey Does 110 animation brand and your sponsorship message will resonate around the world. I look forward to hearing from you soon and answering any questions you may have as a sponsor to the NEW Dewey Does 110 animation.  

By Thomas Kinslow

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Website: www.deweydoes.com

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like the opportunity to present to you an sponsorship opportunity in an animation series that will transcend worldwide and live forever in the minds of youth now and the future. Please find our animation sponsorship proposal for the Dewey Does 110 animation for your review and consideration.

Dewey Does will be that source of inspiration, education and motivation.  Teaming up with organizations that share the same interest to deliver important information in schools, youth organizations and community events will prove to be effective in our communities.  Dewey Does is a character that is community driven.  It’s one to see a character as a hero and it another to see a character as a source of information and motivation through entertainment.  Dewey Does will carry your brand message through all communities nationwide.

The value of the Dewey Does brand message comes from the years of proven interest and positive feedback received from parents and school officials, community organizations and their leaders, as well as the response from children themselves. 

A niche concept and, according to Scholastic Books, a rare animated African American character in a lead role, nine-year-old Dewey Does loves sports, fitness and believes in giving 110% effort in every challenge he experiences. Dewey Does’ entertaining animated adventures touch on everyday sports, education, and lifestyle situations, specifically for children age six to eleven years old but also appeals to all ages and health conscious parents around the world.

The national appeal of the Dewey Does brand as well as an unlimited supply of uniquely designed marketing advantages will virtually guarantee its brand building and 110% messaging success. 

With your sponsorship the Dewey Does message will reach more than 23 million youth and their families. Your message will live forever in homes worldwide.

We greatly appreciate your sponsorship. 


Thomas Kinslow

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Dear Friend,

A Dewey Does Corporation invites you to become a sponsor for the NEWEST youth animation series, Dewey Does 110.  A Dewey Does Corporation aims to build a national and international children’s animation brand for ages 5-12.

The primary source of funding for the Dewey Does animation series is from corporate sponsors, such as yourself. The Dewey Does 110 animation receives no governmental funds.

Production for this exciting and educational show will begin on May 1st and promotions will begin on July 1st of 2016. Anticipated airtime will be in the fall, 2016.   

As you may be aware, childhood obesity is on the rise and we feel the Dewey Does 110 animation can be part of the solution toward solving the problem.  ADDC’s plan is to launch this national brand which is inspired by the well-known Dewey Does book series and uniquely designed Dewey Does 110 animation series. The series is focused on pure children entertainment with some emphasis on health, fitness, physical activity and its value to children.

Your sponsorship will help assure the success of the Dewey Does 110 animation series. Included in this email please find more information on this exciting animation series, its sponsorship levels and how it will benefit your company and brand. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience.


Thomas Kinslow, President & Creator

A Dewey Does Corporation

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