Sun, Nov 06 - Tue, Mar 20 2018

Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation Prize,

New York, New York, United States New York, New York, United States

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    Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation Prize

    Creative Future Economy IT Corporation is a new innovation type of Artificial Intelligence Start-Up Company. It uses a proprietary-Creativity Invention Computer System (ICS) to aid and/or enable invention, build a new scientific economic phenomena and development of nearly any product or method on demand. Use of Creativity Invention Computer System is made possible with proprietary IT Creative Business Model.

    The Company can be the biggest-ever global business with the biggest-ever economic package of proprietary high-need and world-changing economic advancements for ushering in the new Creative Artificial Intelligence Economic System. It is starting with primarily ICS-aided Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation Prize which will dramatically change more than the 50 trillion dollar present economic system with eco-postively hydrogen energy, provide electricity uses, VTOL space and air travel at low cost, new monetary system design in harmony with social and environmental interests, new market economy system, non-polluting anywhere, a "space train" with selectively faster-than-light speed is made possible, mining, agriculture, all forms of transportation, and provide a solution towards the end of poverty and much more.

    Over the next coming months, Creative Future Economy IT Corporation and HeroX will seek to engage big thinkers across a range of industries and backgrounds throughout the world to participate in Creative World Economy Collaboration prize, as soon as it is funded or sponsored, in what will become a start of a historic challenge. It will be the best-ever investment opportunity. Horrendous new opportunities from highly accelerated envisioned advancements of most major industries will be available in the new economic paradigm Era as described further in this challenge and as will be explained in our upcoming website. This will be the greatest advancement of world economic conditions in the history of civilization. It could have as much corporate value as Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway and General Motors combined within ten years.

    The new innovation type of Artificial Neural Network platform advanced by -- Creative Future Economy IT Corporation -- is aimed to introduce a new scientific economic worldwide advancements. It can start creative motivation in place of adversarial motivation for business objectives. “Abundance Economics” with uncontrolled abundances will replace “Scarcity Economics” with controlled scarcities for support of business profit. Absentee corporate ownership will hire management to maximize profit from shared wealth and increasingly maximized living standards of employees, customers and the general public instead of by creating adversarial wealth-difference power structures. Government legislation and administration may be less manipulated by adversarial wealth and power units. Economic inflation from creating controlled scarcities to facilitate public control can cease. Economic system may no longer be used as a means of public manipulation and control. Free enterprise may no longer include freedom to plunder and manipulate the public to benefit adversarial power structures.

    With these envisioned advancements pioneered by Creative World Economy System Collaboration Innovation Prize, the Human Race can advance and prosper more rapidly, reliably and peacefully. Our ecosystem can be improved instead of plundered destructively, regardless of whether or not we find ways to expand into the Universe.

    The Creative Business Model of Creative Future Economy IT Corporation can provide much higher profit and ROI from immensely higher productiveness of employees and an increasingly enlightened general public in creatively abundant economic conditions than in adversarial power-structure-suppressed conditions.

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