Comforting Queens Fashion & Art Gala

Symphony Banquet Hall, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Sun, Sep 24 2017

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Symphony Banquet Hall, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Symphony Banquet Hall, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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About our event

Comforting Queens plans to raise money to buy wigs, bras, and prosthetic breasts for breast cancer patients in Ghana. Many of these women live in poverty, so we plan to help them financially also. Battling breast cancer is very draining, and can really strip away a woman’s outer beauty; we want to change that. We want to raise money in an entertaining, and innovative way that showcases the beauty of West Africa, which is the birthplace of my mother. We will host a Fashion, and Arts Gala in Mississauga on September 24th, 2017, and will showcase the different fashion, and art that comes from this lovely region. Through this event we hope to bring more awareness to reality of breast cancer in different nations that do not have access to adequate health care, and also raise enough to buy all we need to change lives. Comforting Queens came from my mother’s name Comfort and the plan we have with this fundraiser; Helping queens in Ghana. We need sponsors, and a lot of help to make this plan come to fruition.




Comforting Queen’s Fashion and Arts Gala Budget.


  • We are looking to have 150-175 bodies in attendance.
  • A venue to hold that many people, and the fashion show.
  • A caterer
  • Décor that will showcase the beauty of West Africa
  • A DJ
  • Make-Up Artists for the Fashion Show
  • Promotion (Flyers, and Advertisement)


If the Gala is successful, we are hoping to raise $15,000. all the proceeds will go towards, wigs, bras, prosthetic breasts (which costs up to $300 CAD each) and actual cash to alleviate the poverty these patients are dealing with.


In April, My mother, A breast Cancer survivor and I went to Ghana, to meet with breast cancer patients, at a facility named Peace and Love Hospital, We realized that the problem was much more bigger than we expected. Many women are not even educated enough to stop the problem when it first comes, so prostheses are greatly needed in this facility more than we even imagined. Close to 500 are needed yearly as they expand the facility as well to accommodate all Ghanaian women.

Yours truly,


Afua Anku, and The Comforting Queens Executive Team



Attendees Demographics

Gender Distribution


Expected Audience


Sponsorship Opportunities

1. This fundraiser Gala will you give you a platform to market, and advertise your company to people of every walk of life. This gala will be hosting people of different ages (18-70), and cultural backgrounds/communities. 

2. The CEO of Comforting Queens has a huge following on Social media, and will be using her platform to thank every sponsor, giving you access to thousands of followers all over the world.

4. Sponsors' logos will be posted in the program, backdrop, and during the intermission on a slideshow as well.

5. The company can also give out pamphlets, and branded merchandise in swagbags, which will be given to guests at the end of the event. 

6. You will be making a difference in the lives of thousands of breast cancer patients in Ghana, West Africa. Women who do not have access to education, nor health care concerning breast cancer. Your company will be attributed to the success of helping the only Breast Cancer centre in Ghana, which helps all breast cancer patients throughout West Africa. 

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Comforting Queens is an organization founded by The Anku sisters, and their amazing friends in hopes of being a helping hand to women all over the world. 

This non profit was created to assist women globally concerning their social rights, health care, and education. 

The Anku sisters, and their mother Comfort Anku came together to give back to women battling with breast cancer in Ghana, the nation their mother was born in, a breast cancer survivor herself. When they realized how fortunate they were as a family to have access to adequate health care in Canada, they realized their mother's second chance should not go in vain, and they had to help women worldwide. 

An all female team, has come together to ensure women globally are given access to education, health care, and human rights. They hope through their first project The Comforting Queens Fashion, and Arts Gala, more awareness will be brought to issues women world wide are dealing with, and we can come together as a nation to comfort queens globally. 

Comforting Queens Team. 

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