Sat, Aug 27 2022

Christ Jam,

Paterson, New Jersey, United States Paterson, New Jersey, United States

  • About the event

    The importance of unity in any community is very significant and much
    needed in every circumstances. However, getting people united is challeng-
    ing and required strong sense of compromise and sacrifice. In order to unite
    the Christian community of New Jersey from local organizations, to Church-
    es, artists, guest speakers and worship choirs to proclaim the good news of
    the Gospel, a non-profit event will be organized with the titled as "Christ
    Jam/Community Day". The event will take place on Saturday August 27,2022,
    at Paterson Great Falls 72 McBride Ave, Paterson, NJ 07501 time 12pm-6pm,
    this will be a yearly event.
    The event will be comprised of a live concert involving talented individuals
    who have made a powerful positive impact in their community. Those individ-
    uals will motivate the audience by sharing their testimonies on how they
    were able to overcome the adversities in these troubled communities and
    turn a negative life into positive life through Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the
    event will be marked as the day of celebration, as arcade games, food ven-
    dors, bounce houses, face painting and much more entertainment will be
    available for the youth.
    In the event inner-city youth will be targeted through a strong message of
    encouragement and positivity as they prepare to start a new school year.The
    youth will be equipped with all the tools they need to start the year, as we
    fully understand that there are families who are less fortunate and cannot
    afford to buy the school supplies that their children need.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Dear potential sponsor,
    We as organizers of "Christ Jam/Community Day" pursuing you to support us
    as our main stakeholders and corporate sponsors in organizing the event to
    unite Christian community of New Jersey. Your sponsorship investment will
    be utilized to support the youth of inner-city in bearing their school expenses
    to start a new school year.
    With your sponsorship investment we will be able to equip the youth and
    their families who are less fortunate and cannot afford to buy the school
    supplies that their children need. The school supplies will include book bags,
    school bags, sneakers, clothes and electronic gadgets. Moreover, the
    proceeds from sponsorship will also cover the cost of cost of audio and visual
    expenses of the event and cost of entertainment that will be provided to the
    kids, such as arcade games, bounce houses, basketball hoops, face painting
    and much more. These expenses will be covered with approximately $15-25k
    of amount.
    In return, we will promote and advertise our sponsors as our main stakehold-
    ers using the radio and social media platforms, marketing banners and flyers
    etc. further, in the event following platforms our DJ host will continuously
    announce the sponsors. In this regard we take this opportunity to invite you
    to create an alliance with us in becoming our key partner and sponsor to help
    improve the education pursuance of the youth of New Jersey.
    Your sponsorship will assist us to continue to create an environment of unity
    and brotherhood among the Christian community of New Jersey and help
    the kids in getting the quality education. Please let us know how you would
    wish to support our initiative.
    Thank you in advance for your generosity.

    Rick Montero

    Dear Sponsor,

    My name is Rick Montero, i am the event organizer for "Christ Jam/Community Day". As a servant of Jesus Christ, I am on a mission to make this world a better place.

    In my city, I am a member of an organization called City Impact, whose mission is to provide meals, clothing, and rehabilitation resources for the less fortunate.

    Growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, I saw a lot of kids who were embarrassed to attend school because they didn't have the necessary accessories. Their parents couldn't afford to buy them a bookbag, school supplies, uniform or even a haircut for the first day of school. My life was forever changed by this!

    At this event, not only will inspirational words be provided to the youth, but all present will use their talents to bless those in attendance.

    Several organizations in Paterson have partnered up with me to provide brand new sneakers, clothes, and school supplies to the children.

    Additionally, I have partnered with local hair salons and barbershops to provide the kids with haircuts and hair styles, all of which will be donated.

    The event will also provide entertainment such as bouncy houses, arcade games, basketball hoops, and more for the kids; this is why I am asking you to join me in this great event that will bless the hearts of many families attending.

    Your generosity will help cover the costs of audio/visuals and entertainment. It will also help us get additional supplies for the children, such as bookbags, school supplies, and clothes.

    My prayer is that you will join me on this journey, because this will be a yearly event that will soon take place not only in Paterson, but across the nation! This event has been on my heart for many years, and I believe now is the right time to fulfill it.

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  • 2501-5000 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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