Celebrating Sexuality Festival

Victoria, Australia
Fri, Nov 16 - Mon, Nov 19 2018

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Victoria, Australia Victoria, Australia
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About our event

2018 is coming...are you?

We are not just turning people’s heads in Australia, people from all over the world are actively engaging all year round making this a unique opportunity for Partners. 

Celebrating Sexuality Festival is a unique weekend retreat with a festival atmosphere, for the exploration of sex and relationships. 

Celebrating Sexuality Festival is the biggest event of its kind currently running with 200+ attending the weekend in Australia - travelling from all around the country as well as from international destinations.

The Festival brand demonstrates significant national and international recognition and potential reach of 12k+ - and growing. 

We provide a highly transformative, radically different space for adults to explore new ways of experiencing sex and relationships through a variety of high-quality, interactive and experiential workshops led by professional sex and relationship educators from Australia and internationally.

The festival welcomes people of all sexual, cultural, relationship and gender identities who are 18+ respectful and curious. 


Attendees Demographics

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Expected Audience


Sponsorship Opportunities

We are not just turning people’s heads in Australia, people from all over the world are actively engaging all year round.

Celebrating Sexuality is the biggest sexuality festival of its kind currently running in Australia with significant national and international recognition and reach.

We are keen to develop partnerships with organisations or individuals who want to expand their reach, offer value, provide solutions and create deeper, long-lasting connections for and with their community.

Those attending are professional, affluent, influential people who believe their personal development is worthy of investment. They are reportedly looking for more than just the hedonistic experience of many other festival or sexuality-based events.

They attend for an opportunity to find their own unique expression, wherever they are on their journey, and to support others to do the same. Many return year, after year.

Our new marketing plan aims to build our reach and recognition significantly, throughout the following channels:

  • Regular email exposure to 2k+ subscribers and growing
  • 2k+ unique website views/week
  • 8k+ active Facebook follows on established pages (jumped extra 2k in last 2 months with targeted promotions)
  • 1.3k+ active Facebook group (selective adding and is growing)
  • 1.1k+ Instagram following
  • Vimeo and YouTube


> Boost positive brand recognition, align to offer value, provide solutions, and create deeper, long-lasting connections with a local and global community

> Drive sales to a global audience of professional, affluent and influential people who are community-minded, sex-positive, and believe the exploration of sex and relationships is a natural and healthy part of life worthy of investment

> Cost-effective marketing exposure and branding to your target audience

> Drive web traffic and increase social media presence

> Create new business opportunities, partnerships, and alliances

> Attract positive recognition and interest from renowned educators internationally – and attendance by top sexuality educators from all around Australia and internationally.

> Get in front of your perfect audience as this is a very niche event, meet a market you may not have otherwise

> Participate in the Festival activities and have a lot of fun

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Jo Balmforth (Co-Founder & Festival Director) 

Curating a contemporary space for exploring new ways of relating, welcoming those who are respectful and curious.

I am a transformational facilitator and entrepreneur. I have 25 years experience in mainstream health, education, project management, research and alternative health –  in Australia and the U.K. 

I am most excited about creating spaces for people to explore personal expressions of health, creativity, intimacy, connection, and sexuality. I believe these experiences to be fundamental to the well-being of the individual and the community.

Join me in creating experiences where creativity, healing, fun and self-empowerment are the norm.   

Published on LinkedIn:

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