Wed, Dec 04 2019

Brew N Boards Game Night at Logan's Run,

Brooklyn, New York, United States Brooklyn, New York, United States
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Logan's Run

  • About the event

    We're a Brooklyn-based gaming community that focuses on handrafted brews, captivating board games, and the people they bring together. Our mission is to organize and host quality, reliable game nights for local members in an effort to inspire a sense of community and stimulate the local economy. We're starting by building a community here in Brooklyn of dedicated gamers and beer lovers. Soon, we hope to plant similar communities across the nation, and even internationally.

    We're currently hosting two differnt event-ypes in Brooklyn. We have one monthly event, complete with raffle prizes, discounted drinks, board game discounts, etc. and one weekly game night that meets at a craft beer bar in Bushwich on Tuesday nights.

    Our event at Logan's Run coming up on the 4th of December will be our monthly game night for the month of December. In between game nights, members vote on a game of their choice that we purchase and bring to the event along with many other games that we recommend and know are popular. Come game night, we usually have over 20 members show up to play games, drink beer, and have fun.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Brew N Boards events are a great opportunity to showcase your product to a highly curated, engaged, and energetic target audience. Our members are dedicated to our gaming group, and network with each other when considering purchases in regards to all things beer and gaming. Many times, I am personally consulted, and am given multiple opportunities to transition my members into leads for my sponsors.

    We're a very welcoming and passionate community. As the owner and operator, I interact with each of our members on a very personal level - teaching games, recommending drink selections, introducing them to our representatives, etc. We feel our events offer a very unique and welcoming platform for companies to showcase their products at a very intimate level. As opposed to just pasting the business name and logo on a banner at the event.

    Richard Bray

    There’s something about the combination of brewed drinks and board games that seems to facilitate the quickly diminishing concept of community. Here at Brew N Boards, we don’t claim to be experts on either topic, but we are interested in exploring and promoting their incorporation.

    BNB is a simple concept brought to life by two brothers from Hamilton County, Indiana. The acronym stands for Brew N Boards - “Brew” for beer, coffee, and other brewed beverages (we tend to focus on beer), and “Boards” for board games. However, BNB also stands for the last names of Richard and Robert Bray, who started this venture back in 2013 by simply asking a bar in Speedway, IN if they wouldn’t mind letting a couple bros play some board games while they caught up with each other over a couple pints of expertly crafted beer. Not only did the manager not mind, he asked the brothers to invite their friends… so they did. It didn’t take long for the word to spread, and before they knew it, they were hosting game nights on a monthly basis.

    Unfortunately, the fun ended in 2016 when Richard and his wife, Andrea, opted to move out east to the Big Apple, creating a challenging distance between the two brothers. As life plans got in the way, the game nights eventually phased out and Brew N Boards ceased to be an active project.

    In 2017, Richard and Andrea had finally settled in to their Brooklyn community, and Richard felt compelled to resurrect the Brew N Boards project with Robert’s blessing and guidance by purchasing the web domain and marketing the game nights to New Yorkers through social media. We’re happy to say that BNB was wholeheartedly welcomed into the NYC community. Richard filed to make Brew N Boards an LLC in Januray of 2019 with a mission to create quality gaming groups across the country, and possibly the world. Event attendance started out very low to begin with, but by 2019, event attendees ranged anywhere from 15 to 30 depending on the venue. Weekly gaming groups called Small Groups, were also established mid 2019 to provide BNB Members with more options to meetup and play games at local bars and breweries.

    Today, Richard is still hard at work in Brooklyn, NY, organizing game nights for BNB Members, finding event sponsors, collaborating with local bars and breweries, and frequenting Brooklyn’s local board game stores for “supplies” in an effort to build and expand the business. Robert remains a key sounding board for BNB decisions from his home in Indiana. The brothers hope to reunite someday under the Brew N Boards logo, which shows the two-pipped side of a six-sided die - representing two brothers who share a common dream.

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    43% Male Attendees

    57% Female Attendees

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