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Florida Mall Superstop, Florida, United States Florida Mall Superstop, Florida, United States
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  • About the event

        Our Live Events are fundraisers to help needy and poor kids with         food, books, clothing and camp trip giveaways, through the        Kids Bible Clubhouse, a non-profit organization.

        These events are presented at high-traffic Major Malls & City Festivals. They have a high attraction, due to our invitations, and because, it's kids helping kids. At our events we run five contest at the same time and sell multiple products. We also have several companies that help raise money for the cause. Inclusion they advertise, promote and sell Children's Educational Products, Interactive  Packages for Schools and Students, Outdoor Gear, Wholesale Clubs, Books and Clothing for Kids, during our events. These companies have helped us by sponsoring, donating time, money and items.

        Our events are a great opportunity for your company to advertise, promote and sell your products. There are 12 Live Events planed per year, for the next ten years. Your one time sponsorship payment, invites you to participate in the whole ten year run. Aprox.120+ events. And with an additional 336+(KID-2-KID EXPO Live Events coming in 2021), it amounts to a no brainer, low-cost exposure for your company. By the third year we will be running five events at the same time, nationwide,, therefore we will multiply your exposure by five (5x) times. That's 60 events per year ! .

    Why should you sponsor?

       Our events are more than just charity fundraisers and money makers. It's communities coming together to improve the lives of all American children and help stomp out kid hunger situations. We look forward to returning smiles of joy, to the innocence of childhoodship and point our children in better directions. We all have an obligation to ensure our future and our future lies in the hands of our children. Sponsoring this cause, will fufill more than just your companies need for exposure. It will multiply your growth by promoting future youth customers and their children, and their children's children. Thank You !

    Armando Chi

      My name is Armando Chi, I'm the founder/owner of the Kid's Bible Clubhouse (KBC). I was born August 2nd,1960 in Havana, Cuba to a family of five. Our family fled the island in 1961. We lived in Madrid, Spain for three years, then moved to the States in 1964. I was raised in Miami, Florida in a state of poverty. As poor children, we were deprived of proper meals and many basic necessities. I'm now 57 years old and a  U.S. citizen. I've formed a non-profit organization to help poor needy kids that are in the same situation I was in. I know there's a need for help to feed the children in our own country.

      I'm a Christian and a master electrician, I've work in commercial construction for 40 years. Last year (2017) I suffered an accident on the job and I was not able to continue in my line of work. As I spent time recovering, I remembered my childhood days which led me to re-group my thoughts, and to figure out what I wanted to do next. I believe I was born to help people, I actually enjoy it ! As far as trusting me is concerned, I can't promise you anything. All I can say is, ultimately I'm not the one in charge, I follow the one who insiped me to produce this ministry. And his name is Jehovah (God)! I'm not a Jehovah's Witness. Thank You !

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  • 5001-10000 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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