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Atlanta Flamenco Festival,

Atlanta, Georgia, United States Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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  • About the event

    A first in Atlanta

    The Atlanta Flamenco Festival brings together a series of concerts and educational programs to amplify the art of flamenco in metro Atlanta. Concerts showcase top Spanish artists from Spain, and in addition, expose the Latin American, American, and African influences of flamenco, a discourse that is gaining popularity thanks to a fierce partnership between artists and scholars.  Educational programming creates long-term classes in schools and community dance stuidos, which will deliver learning outcomes that will reach into the spring semester of the 2019-2020 school year, when students who learn now take the stage to show work – and teach their peers – in performance in February and May, 2020.

    While Atlanta has enjoyed concerts by world-class flamenco artists for decades, thanks to the work by the Rialto Center of the Arts, this is the first time that an organization is devoting a festival solely to the art of flamenco, with the intent to deliver a variety of programming to the general public over a two-week period, to demonstrate the range of flamenco that is enjoyed in Spain and other major U.S. cities, where flamenco festivals have been in production for over 20 years. This festival not only brings an influx of flamenco artists to Atlanta, but it provides an anchor for this art form in the South, as no other city in this region presents a flamenco festival.

    Variety, diversity 

    The Atlanta Flamenco Festival presents a number of artists over a two-week period, at a number of venues, in a number of activities. Metro-Atlanta sprawls geographically, making it important for us to present events across the region. We are proud to present a diverse set of classes and concerts to audiences in neighborhoods that are cultural corners of Atlanta.

    The city of Doraville is an international hub for Asian and Latin American businesses and residents.

    The Historic West End is an important neighborhood in the story of Civil Rights and our African American residents.

    Midtown is a long-standing hub of activity in the daytime and evenings, welcoming especially the LGBT population.

    DeKalb County schools serve a portion of metro-Atlanta that has a higher poverty rate in the region, and Decatur City Schools have seen Spanish language instruction cut, providing a need for our classes in Spanish to address a reduction in classroom instruction of a second language.

    Our schedule shows how the Atlanta Flamenco Festival take a central idea of world-class flamenco and spreads it to several communities. It is at http://www.atlantaflamencofestival.com/schedule/ .

    Our artist line-up reflects our selection of renowned and critically-acclaimed artists in residence, who will perform and teach in robust programming, while in metro-Atlanta.

    Kids, too 

    As part of the Atlanta Flamenco Festival, two separate groups of public school students will study flamenco with resident artists. They will speak only Spanish with the artists and learn material that they will perform for their peers and the general community in planned events in February and May of 2020. This educational programming insures that kids, their families, and their peers will talk about, think, sing, and dance flamenco for many months to come. They will not only work on the arts, but they will consider their first-hand experiences with the artists by journaling, so that they ar reflecting on new perspectives. Recent studies by business and psychology experts show that people who have deep and long-lasting experiences with people who are not like them (i.e., Americans and Spaniards), show increased capacity in creativity. High levels of creativity are linked to greater performance in problem solving, empathy, and communciation.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Our sponsors will align with the image of a progressive arts organization that understands and fosters the connection between creativity and sucess in business, technology, science, and leadership. We are progressive because we are amplifying the presence of quality flamenco arts in Atlanta and the South, where high-level artists have been under-presented as compared with major American metropolitain areas, with which Atlanta wishes to compete. 

    Our audience will feel that our sponsors are connected to our image. We attract young professionals who identify with an international mindset, based on their knowledge of issues in society and business. They see the arts as a way to learn about the world and become better citizens. We also attract people age 60 and older, who have spent their lives appreciating the arts. Many of them have built their wealth through entrepreneurship and have been introduced to cultural expressions by first-hand visits to corners of the world.  

    Our promotions reach approximately two million people in atlanta, who are arts patrons, Spain enthusiasts, international travelers, and world music lovers. This is a segment of the population that recognizes quality and appreciates the opportunity to seek their imagined self in the arts. 

    Julie Baggenstoss

    A Través is a non-profit organization (501c3) that connects Flamenco artists from Spain with local American communities in projects that have deep connections and lasting effects through performance and education. Through our work, children and adults in the U.S.A. spend time with singers, dancers, and musicians from southern Spain while learning about language, lifestyle, and themselves, through interactions with people who want to share their artistic heritage. Projects build bridges that will change the future of those who choose to cross them – in both directions.

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