Sun, Sep 03 - Sun, Jan 07 2018

Amateur Basketball League,

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

  • About the event

    Amateur Basketball league is a one of its kind basketball tournament for amateur and semi-professional players. It is a very new approach unlike any other normal tournaments held and let me explain why. We are trying to bring about a change in the way a tournament is executed and the way the players will be affected. We plan to follow a learn-and-improve model, where we provide all the necessary details for a player and a team to improve and they get to go back home with a lot of learning.

    We provide the below mentioned facilities which distinguishes us from any other league –

    1. Video Highlights, Team and Individual Statistics and Match Reports and Game Analysis – The idea behind providing these facilities is to ensure that each player and the team gets a chance to go through what they did in the match and see where they can improve and what they are best at. Currently, there are no other leagues that provide this facility and the intention behind is the growth of a player and a team. We intend to make good players and see good players. The videos would be uploaded to our social sites as well.
    2. Professional Referees - Many tournaments lack the professionalism that’s required, but ABL guarantees that missing professionalism by providing qualified referees to ensure that there is no team that is dissatisfied by the judgment of any referee.
    3. Many Prizes – It is very important for a player to stay motivated and we do that by providing many prizes for different kinds of categories which will help a player or a team to build the confidence and show all the skills to improve further.
    4. In House medics – When it comes to sports, it is always tagged along with injuries. We care about each player and hence we have an in-house medico’s team that will take care of any accidents that may occur in a very swift and rapid manner.
    5. Custom ABL Jerseys and Refreshments – For a team to look as a team, we need to have a good set of jersey and also we need to ensure that we take care of the health of a player. Hence we provide custom ABL jersey to all the members of a registered team and also refreshments to all the members in the team



    Why should you sponsor?

    Our intention is to take the game to a next level instead of staying with the same kind of tournaments. We concentrate on making sure that a team takes back something from us at the end of the league and then make sure they improve. It requires courage to take a new and bold step towards a change and we are ready to take it up. If we can help even one single player improve, we consider that as an achievement. We wish to see brilliant players in future to represent the state and to represent the country and for that a major change in the way the game is going on is required. We are in for the change, hope you would as well.

    To go forward, we need sponsorship from your end to make this event successful. We would require the sponsorship mainly for the following -

    1. Field Rentals
    2. Sports Gear
    3. Equipment
    4. Prizes
    5. Trophies
    6. Administrative costs

    By giving us the sponsorship we assure you the following to make sure we do justice towards the sponsorship done by you.

    1. Material publicity – Logos on Posters, Handouts and Registration forms
    2. Logos on Trophies, Jerseys and mention on Prizes
    3. On-venue – Stall and Banners and also a special event can be planned on a day
    4. Publicity on social media through our Facebook and YouTube page
    5. Mentions during announcements and of course word of mouth.
    6. Logos on the Video Highlights

    We hope that you like our new endeavor and would support us. Let’s help basketball and players grow together.

    MNSKUBE Sports

    We are Mnskube Sports and Events LLP a sports organization that believes sports should be a necessary activity in everyone’s life. We organize recreational, cultural and sporting activities on a common ground for all like-minded sports lover.

    At Mnskube, we are involved into sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, etc., and thereby spot homegrown talents and nurture them.

    Our main aim is to:

    • Provide youth the platform to showcase the skills in the organized tournaments.
    • A chance to the working class to live a healthy life and to the amateurs who love to play and wish to continue playing.
    • To inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and discipline, connecting socially and displaying love for sports.

    Having this as our mission, we have been successful in piling up some achievements and accolades through sports events from sporting & corporate quarters. To name a few:

    • Organized Futsaaliga, a five-a-side open football tournament for men.
    • Conducted grass-root football training program under the Chennai-based Mahogany Football Club banner in Bengaluru
    • Organized a sports talent-hunt event for 53central.com
    • Own the Athlos United Football Club (AUFC) which has participated in many football tournaments.

    Mnskube believes that the path we have chosen to tread is a long one and it needs to possess essential sporting expertise and determination to reach the destination and leave a mark in the sporting fraternity. We currently have certified football coaches, professional cricketers, professional basketball and volleyball players.  Our aim is to enlarge our sporting family and achieve a wider populace over time.

    We are looking for sports loving patrons like you to sponsor our upcoming tournament and request you to grant us an opportunity to present our proposal.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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