Afro Latino Festival

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Sun, Jul 21 2024

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Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
#Music  #Latin  #Festival or Fair

About our event

The Afro Latino Festival is a lively fusion of music, culture, and art. Dive into an atmosphere filled with delicious food, soul-stirring music, and handcrafted goods that weave together tales of unity and belonging. This festival is more than an event—it's a vibrant journey towards celebrating diversity and encouraging cultural connection. As a standout celebration in Silver Spring, the Afro Latino Festival is quickly establishing itself as a cornerstone event that enriches the community with a deep sense of unity and a profound appreciation for the richness of Latino heritage.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring our festival is a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse and vibrant audience, gain extensive visibility, and become part of a movement celebrating diversity and inclusivity. Your sponsorship not only helps us create a dynamic celebration of culture through music, arts, and food but also positions your brand as a leader in fostering community ties. With over 4,000 attendees, numerous vendors, and a wide array of entertainment, your support directly contributes to a transformative event that’s all about making meaningful change and celebrating rich cultural heritage in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. Together, we can create an unforgettable experience and a lasting impact.



Titanium Package

- Premier logo placement across all festival branding. - Exclusive title sponsorship recognition. - Prime location for vendor booth. - Regular mentions on the main page. - Inclusion in festival’s press releases and all media engagements. - Prominent presence in social media marketing, including targeted posts and stories. - Featured in cell phone text blasts and email campaigns. - Highlighted in television and radio interviews. - Special social media features from artists, talent, hosts and DJs. - Post-event recap video and photo package showcasing your brand.



Platinum Package

- Prime logo placement on key promotional materials. - Prominent recognition as a major sponsor. - Premium vendor booth location with high foot traffic. - Regular mentions on the main stage. - Inclusion in select press releases and media communications.



Gold Package

- Strategic logo placement on festival materials and secondary stages. - Dedicated vendor booth in a central area. - Inclusion in certain festival marketing materials and digital promotions



Silver Package

- Logo placement on the festival’s website and key event banners. - Vendor booth in a general but accessible location. - Recognition in the festival guide and map.



Bronze Package

- A vendor booth in a community-focused area. - Listing on the festival’s website as a community sponsor.

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Beer Garden Sponsor

The sponsor will be included on website, flyer, and festival material. The sponsor will be expect to provide product for the beer garden and decorations, or funding for product and decorations.

In Kind


Scholarship Giveaway

The sponsor will be included on website, flyer, and festival material. Sponsor will provide minimum $1,000 scholarships to high school students selected by committee.

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I'm Narger Joseph, a seasoned veteran in the Information Technology sector with over twenty years of experience shaping the IT landscape through innovation, strategic vision, and a commitment to excellence. Beyond my technical achievements and leadership roles, I am deeply passionate about harnessing the power of community through entertainment. As a co-founder of our festival and a visionary entrepreneur, my journey has been fueled by a desire to bring people together, celebrate our shared cultures, and create lasting memories.

My career began in the complex world of Information Technology, where I've worn many hats—from project management and software development to systems analysis and IT leadership. This diverse background has not only honed my technical skills but also ingrained in me the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking in today's fast-paced world.

However, my aspirations extend far beyond the digital realm. With a heart for community and a mind for business, I founded an entertainment company with the mission to unite communities and spark joy through engaging events. This venture stands as a testament to my belief in the transformative power of entertainment to foster unity, enrich lives, and drive social and economic change.

My dedication to creating positive impacts doesn't stop at entertainment. I'm committed to leveraging my expertise and network to empower marginalized communities, providing business advice that balances social good with economic viability. It's this blend of technological prowess and a socially conscious entrepreneurial spirit that defines my approach to business and life.

As we look forward to the festival, my vision is to not only celebrate our diverse cultures but also to create an inclusive platform where technology, innovation, and community come together. In sponsoring our event, you're not just supporting a festival; you're becoming part of a broader movement towards societal enrichment and economic empowerment, championed by a leader who believes in the power of technology to uplift and transform communities.

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