Tue, May 28 - Thu, May 30 2024

Aerium Summit 2024,

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States
4 Sponsors Confirmed
Saint Francis University
Nulton Aviation
The Hoxton Agency
John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport

  • About the event

    The 2023 Inaugural Aerium Summit provided a dynamic platform for students interested in aviation, aeronautics, drone operation, defense, and related maintenance careers. With immersive experiences and hands-on activities, attendees had the opportunity to engage with simulators, introductory training sessions, and industry leaders, and explore a range of employment opportunities facilitated by various certifications.


    Before the Summit:


    Dr. Larry Nulton, Chairman of Aerium, emphasized, "At this event, school administrators, students, and industry stakeholders will gain firsthand exposure to the abundant aviation and maintenance career resources made available through the exceptional efforts of our partner organizations. Our vision of cultivating a next-generation hub of aviation professionals right here in our backyard will be vividly showcased."


    Brother Marius Strom, Director of the Center for Aviation Maintenance and Education at Saint Francis University, highlighted the progress achieved through collaboration, stating, "Thanks to this collaboration, our aviation program's capabilities have expanded rapidly. The Aerium Summit will provide a platform for us to demonstrate the remarkable strides we have taken in delivering invaluable hands-on training. We are particularly thrilled about the recent donation of a CRJ200 airframe from SkyWest Airlines, which further enhances our training facilities."


    Recognizing the significant workforce challenges facing the aviation industry, Anthony McCloskey, PennDOT's Bureau of Aviation Director, emphasized the importance of events like the Aerium Summit, stating, "The aviation industry is grappling with an immense retirement wave among pilots and technicians, compounded by the adverse impact of the pandemic. We need more collaborative groups and events like these to address these challenges head-on."

    With an extraordinarily successful 2023 Summit, Aerium organizers announced the 2024 immediately following.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Sponsoring the Aerium 2024 Summit offers numerous compelling reasons for your organization, especially considering the successful participation of over 500 industry professionals, students, and local representatives at last year's conference. Here are some key reasons why your organization should consider sponsorship:

    1. Reach a Diverse Audience: The Aerium Summit attracts a diverse audience that includes industry professionals, students aspiring to join the aviation and aeronautics sectors, and local representatives with a vested interest in workforce development. Sponsoring the event allows your organization to connect with this broad spectrum of stakeholders.

    2. Prominent Exposure: With over 500 attendees at the previous summit, your sponsorship will gain significant exposure. Your company's name, logo, and branding will be prominently displayed throughout the event, reaching a wide and influential audience.

    3. Enhanced Reputation: Supporting an event that fosters education, skill development, and collaboration in the aviation and aeronautics sectors reflects positively on your organization's commitment to community development and the future of the industry. This can enhance your reputation as a socially responsible and forward-thinking company.

    4. Networking Opportunities: By sponsoring, your organization gains access to exclusive networking opportunities with industry professionals, students, and local representatives. You can forge valuable connections, explore potential collaborations, and identify talent for future recruitment.

    5. Showcase Expertise: Session sponsorship offers your company the chance to showcase its expertise by influencing the content of a session and generating polls during the event. This demonstrates your thought leadership within the aviation and aeronautics sectors.

    6. Community Engagement: Sponsoring the Aerium Summit demonstrates your commitment to the local community by supporting educational initiatives and providing opportunities for local students to explore careers in aviation. This can foster goodwill among community members and local leaders.

    7. Address Workforce Challenges: As highlighted by Anthony McCloskey, Director of PennDOT's Bureau of Aviation, the aviation industry faces significant workforce challenges. By sponsoring the summit, your organization actively contributes to addressing these challenges by nurturing the next generation of aviation professionals.

    8. Scholarship Impact: Your participation in the scholarship sponsorship initiative directly impacts the lives of students by providing them with financial support and access to education and training in aviation. This investment in future talent aligns with your organization's commitment to fostering skill development and career opportunities.

    9. Visibility Beyond the Event: Social media integration, banner placements, and recognition by Aerium leadership ensure that your sponsorship reaches a broader audience beyond the physical event. This extended visibility maximizes the return on your sponsorship investment.

    10. Strategic Positioning: Sponsoring the Aerium 2024 Summit allows your organization to strategically position itself as a leader in the aviation and aeronautics sectors, showcasing your dedication to innovation, education, and workforce development.

    In conclusion, sponsoring the Aerium 2024 Summit provides your organization with a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the aviation industry, engage with a diverse and influential audience, and enhance its reputation as a socially responsible and forward-thinking entity. With the success of last year's conference and the potential for even greater impact in 2024, sponsoring this event is a strategic decision that aligns with your organization's goals and values.

    Sydney Harris

    As a Penn State graduate, I proudly hold a Master's degree in Public Policy, a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, and a minor in Sociology. My educational journey has equipped me with a diverse skill set, ranging from delving into the intricate nuances of policy development to conducting both quantitative and qualitative research. I've also gained proficiency in economics, public finance, and statistical analysis, with a strong command of tools like R-Studio.

    Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of making significant contributions to the esteemed clientele of BBP, particularly in the realms of aviation, drones, and policy. Some notable projects include spearheading data collection efforts for America250PA, conducting in-depth drone case studies for PennDOT's Economic Impact Study, and playing a pivotal role in establishing the Legislative Initiatives Fund for the Aviation Council of Pennsylvania. My expertise isn't confined to policy alone; I possess a knack for technology, coding, and crafting exceptional client websites and membership platforms. Beyond my work at BBP, I have the honor of chairing the Community Outreach and Communications Action Team of HEAL PA.

    My professional journey has been enriched by past roles at the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and the Office of Advocacy and Reform. During my tenure, I made substantial strides in influencing trauma-informed policy within the criminal justice system. These efforts were not only impactful but also caught the attention of prominent figures such as Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Governor Tom Wolf, who reviewed and acknowledged my contributions.

    In my capacity as a research assistant at the Penn State Criminal Justice Research Center, I embarked on pivotal research endeavors, particularly focusing on prosecutorial decisions in Pennsylvania homicide cases. This involved meticulously coding over 1,900 cases using empirical criminological research methods, shedding light on critical aspects of our justice system.

    My journey thus far has been one of relentless dedication and an unwavering commitment to effecting positive change through policy, research, and technology. I am excited to continue my journey, bringing my expertise and passion to new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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  • 501-1000 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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Sponsor a Classroom

Sponsor a classroom of students and their teacher to attend the Aerium Summit free of charge. Your sponsorship will accomodate30 students. Each student in your sponsored classroom will receive an Aerium shirt with "sponsored by" and your company logo.

10 available

Sponsor a Student's Scholarship

Empower a student's dreams to soar to new heights. At Aerium, we are deeply committed to forging a path for a fresh wave of diverse and skilled individuals in the Aviation and Aeronautical sectors. Recognizing the potential and passion of the next generation, we are excited to unveil a unique sponsorship initiative this year. A significant 50% of all collected sponsorship funds will be channeled directly into scholarships for deserving students. By aligning with this initiative, your company or organization won't just be offering financial support. You'll be making a statement, highlighting your unwavering commitment to nurturing and expanding opportunities for Pennsylvania's budding talents. Scholarship sponsorship benefits include: - Aerium scholarship in your desired name - An Aerium site and social-media-wide "Thank You" for your scholarship donation - Your scholarship posted on Aerium's website, social media, and newsletter - Announcement of Sponsorship at Aerium's 2024 Summit - Premium level banner placement on Summit banners - Free summit passes - Gold level sponsorship of Summit Ability to specify your preferences for the scholarship allocation, such as the desired career pathway, age group of the student, and any other criteria you deem important. Together, we can not only transform the future of the aviation industry, but we can also bring a student's dreams to life.

10 available

Gold Package

This exclusive sponsorship (five per summit) includes premium exhibitor benefits, seminar advertising opportunities, and prominent brand exposure throughout the pre-and post-event marketing campaigns. 1. Recognition: Recognition by Aerium leadership within the summit. 2. Session Sponsorship: Choice of one session sponsorship with your company's logo integrated within the physical attributes of the session: agenda and landing page. The company can provide insight into the direction of the session, and generate polls during the session. 3. Banner Placement: Corresponding banner location and size for gold sponsorship (high-level). 4. Premium Exhibitor Benefit (have to opt in): Your company will have access to prime locations with heightened exposure and the most foot traffic. 5. Push Notifications: Create two customized push notifications to be sent during the event to drive traffic to your session, virtual booth, or smart profile. 6. Registration (have to opt in): Four full-summit registrations, including all conference meals and special events 7. Social Media Integration and Public, Highlighted Posting: Opportunity to create two customized posts for display on Aerium's social media beyond the initial post. 8. Social Media Sponsorship Announcement: Immediate announcement and 'Thank You' once sponsorship is arranged. 9. Additional WHOVA (conference app) Opportunities: - Your ad (linked to your website is posted throughout the website, mobile application home page, agenda page, profile, and web app. - Event Community Board utilization; Post promotional offers, share product information, hold virtual meetups, and generate more leads. - Electronic listing of conference attendees - Corporate profile on site with potential for enhanced info, collateral, and photos. Full report of attendee engagement post-event, as well as the ability to export leads at any time during or following the event.

5 available

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