Sat, Sep 01 2018

A Night of Solidarity,

The Hotel ML, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States The Hotel ML, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States

  • About the event

    Wear Your White Night – A Night OF Solidarity: This event is about strengthening families to help strengthen our communities. Knowing it all starts with parents and mentors. We can’t expect change without change and change can only be accomplished through communication and unity.

    This evening is for unity, love and laughter. An evening for adults who want to be a catalyst for change through relationships. Better relationships with their spouses, co-parents and partners. Yet like to get out and enjoy themselves and each other. Knowing that the social changes we need in our world will take place one person at a time. Starting with me! Many couples, parents and professional adults get so caught in the mundane challenges of life that that forget to nurture and build healthier relationships.

    We are providing bi-monthly opportunities for them to get out and enjoy entertainment and each other at a reasonable cost in a safe environment. Each event has a positive theme, presented through marketing and social platforms as well as a very brief short tip-session along with a seated-three-course dinner, a comedy show,  DJ for dancing and socializing. It’s during the social time that relationships are built.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Vantage Point Presents is a public charity exempt under Internal Revenue code Section 501(c)(3) created with the purpose of enhancing the quality of life within the communities we serve. Support Vantage Point Presents events is a support to the community. When relationships succeed, the communities are stronger, healthier and safer. Successful relationships provide a greater socioeconomic impact in the communities which equates in most cases to more spendable income to patronize our sponsors.

    If that isn't enough, you can deduct your donations and contributions made to Vantage Point Presents under IRC Section 170.

    Lionel Moses

    My name is Lionel Moses. I am a husband, father, grand-father, son, brother, friend, ordained minister and proud to say that I am Desert Storm Veteran that served in the U. S. Navy.

    I have spent my life learning through formal education (Waldorf University) and life's experiences. What I have learned, is when a relationship is strong (personal and professional) everything that springs forth from it is strengthened.

    I have learned to love my wife and put her first. What I received is honor, grace, support and love. Which makes me a better husband, father and friend. I have 5 children three are contributing adults helping to make this world a better place. Two have families of their own. Yet all three adult children are doing well for themselves and their families. The last two are in high school and grade school both are full of life and vitality.

    I was a divorcee. The reason my first marriage failed is because I invested more time and energy in work and provision than I did in building the relationship.

    I can be trusted because I learned from my mistakes, and the mistakes of others and know that we will not have an economic turn-around or better communities if the people in them are not happy or suffering from a love deficit. As mentioned before, I am a father and grand-father I want to do my part in helping people enhance their lives through positive social and communicable relationships.

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

    44% Male Attendees

    56% Female Attendees

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