Sun, Oct 06 2019

Mixed Martial Arts Open Sparring,

Bethesda, Maryland, United States Bethesda, Maryland, United States

  • About the event

    This event as with all of Sparring Club's monthly events is about bringing many styles of martial arts together to train and spar with each with the mission of improving and testing their skills with other styles of martial arts in a safe, controlled, no ego environment and build a supportive community. 

    From the many stles of Karate and Kung Fu to styles of martial arts like Kenpo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, Boxing etc, our martial arts community events are a melting pot of knowledge and we'd love to promote products and services that help our community.

    Why should you sponsor?

    Our Mission & Cause - To build and empower a supportive community of martial artists through our open sparring and seminar open mat events that allow them to improve and test their skills in a safe, controlled, no ego environment.

    As well as help them improve their health and fitness through finding and promoting quality products and services.

    The Demographic - Our demographic consists of men ages 21 to 54 that are actively training and competing in martial arts of various styles who are looking for products and services that will help them in their training to be faster, stronger, more athletic, and overall healthier.

    Our Audience Size - Our audience consists of 1,786 Facebook fans, 622 Facebook group members, 321 YouTube subscribers, and an average event attendance of 30 people.

    The audience size across the DMV and Delaware is 950,000 martial artists that we want to reach out to.

    Benefits to you - Your business will be the Exclusive Sponsor for this event and will be featured in our social media advertising campaigns for the event itself and the video content that is uploaded to the Club's Youtube channel.

    Our most recent campaign getting over 33,000 views on a $365 budget. 

    Imagine what kind of exposure your business could get to this demographic with a larger budget not only for the event itself, but also for the video content that will also be promoted featuring your business! 

    Your business will have alignment with a community organization that is doing great things in the martial arts community in the DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) that is looking for products and services like yours. 


    Coleman McFarland

    I've been involved in martial arts for 15 years and I've been hosting these open mats events effectively since 2016 to build a martial arts community with no egos, no bravado, and no nonsense (the bad kind I mean, we still like to fun here).

    I have had only one incident where I had to ban someone from coming back to my events.

    I do everything I can to get across what my events and my club are and are NOT about and do not tolerate anyone who tries to voilate it.

    To the point where they are banned for life if they try on the first offense.

    This club is my purpose in life, the people who come to the events are like family to me, and I want to help them be the best that they can in other ways than my events. 



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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    99% Male Attendees

    1% Female Attendees

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