Mon, Jul 01 - Wed, Jul 31 2019

2019 CircJam Classic,

Newark, Delaware, United States Newark, Delaware, United States

  • About the event

    UPDATE!!! The EVENT is Now ongoing. We are still accepting Sponsors. Negotaitions can be made on our packages. 

    This is only the beginning.


    We are hosting Online Sweepstakes Events, the events will give away Amazon Gift cards. The event will consist of Sweepstakes giving away $25 and $50 Amazon Gift cards. This event is directed towards the Video Game playing community. A group of consumers who purchase luxury entertainment products.

    The Event will span 20 video episodes on the Cornered Circle Youtube.com page beginning on 1-Jul-2019 and finishing in the Last Week of July 2019. The event will have Live and Taped Video Blog entries on the Cornered Circle Website hosted through YouTube.com.

    Entrants are directed to the Cornered Circle website in order to enroll in the Sweepstakes. There will be no cap or limit to the number of Entrants allowed. Sponsor Impressions will be on both videos and the Entrance Website based on the package selected.

    Why should you sponsor?

    This is a rare and exclusive opportunity to reach out to a niche customer base, who currently spend large dollars on Entertainment and Luxury products. The event will be seen as a way for sponsors to reach out to this exclusive audience. We are garnering our Sweepstakes to this special group of consumers, and will use major Sweepstake opportunities to grow the consumer base monumentally. 

    Sponsors will be added to the sponsorship network to receive monthly and quarterly updates on the Consumer Pool. Which will include but not be limited to;

    • Age Statistics
    • Location Metrics
    • Data including Likes and Dislikes
    • Favoribility towards a Sales Item

    From our past Console Giveaway we can conclude our exclusive group of Gamers prefer the PS4 Pro over XBox One X to then enjoy the Nintendo Switch. We can supply metrics similar to this for our top Sponsors and gear Giveaways towards their product line. This is a way to get pure customer data. Along with a way to reach lots of Consumers and push your Brand in a Niche Market. 

    We at the Cornered Circle are excited to work with you, Come and take your corner of the circle.

    Wesley Harris

    Bookkeeping/Banking Experience

    I am an AVP in the Global Loans Division of CitiBank's Control Department. We specailize in transfering 5 BN USD in funds Daily. I have been working in the Operations Field of Bankingfor the past 10 years. And I am eager to transition into my own Passion and Pioneer this field. As Gaming is and has always been my life.


    Gaming Experience

    I have been in the Gaming Environment for the past 35 years, My experience spans back to the T-Turtle program on IBM computers. In learning gaming systems like Colecovision, Intellivision, Atari, Sega, Genesis, Nintendo, Playstation, and XBox. My extensive knowledge of gaming systems andthe types of games gives me an opportunity to quickly understand the most popular games on today's stage. 


    Sales/Advertising Experience

    I have 5+ years of Sales/Advertising experience working for Sky Allend Marketing where I learned the impact of telephone marketing for 2 years. I then moved to ADT and Smart Home Technologies, where I gained understanding of drawing a crowd to an attraction area by direct interaction and free items. I also perfected the school of Hard Knocks, by creating clients the old fashioned way of Knocking on Doors for clients and leads. I was the top earner and earned an ADT Golden Money Clip for my hard work.


    Entertainment/Writing Experience

    My work is established in the Lion's Head Pen in Paper Book, this is an illustration From Penn State University. As a polished writer, I created two self-published Poetry books which were sold on the streets of Philadelphia in order to pay my way through Penn State University. Marketing my own product taught me how to grab the attention of an audience. And how to work tirelessly towards my goal.


    My Motto

    Hard Work Breeds Success. This is how I live my life and what I bring to Cornered Circle Entertainment.

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  • 10000+ attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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