Fri, Feb 23 - Sun, Feb 25 2018

2018 Southern California Tango Festival,

Los Angeles, California, United States Los Angeles, California, United States

  • About the event

    - The OFFICIAL Tango World Cup (Mundial) in Buenos Aires, Argentina is a huge international event, bringing out 500+ competing couples from over 40 countries every year. Not only that but huge tourist crowds of dancers and family wanting to see the big event. Tango competitions are filled with joy, emotion, and excitement as the winners get an opportunity to become a famous traveling couple, performing and teaching all around the world. Yuliana Basmajyan (along with her partner, Brian Nguyen) won 3rd place in 2011 and it changed their lives. Since then, Yuliana's dream was to bring the same excitement of the official competition to the USA and to give our own talent a chance to put themselves on the main stage and make it big at the world competition. More info on the official event here: https://turismo.buenosaires.gob.ar/en/article/tango-festival-and-world-cup. With that vision in mind, Yuliana has created the Southern California Tango Championship & Festival (SCTC).

    - There are currently 6 tango competitions in the US. The USA Championship in San Francisco, New York Tango Competition, Miami Tango Competition, Red Carpet (Vegas) Tango Competition, Mountain State Competition (Colorado), and from yours truly... the Southern California Tango Championship (Los Angeles). With only our 4th year in operations, our has grown to be the second biggest in participation. The crowds have grown every year and not only that but we've established a great reputation. Excellent dancers, hip crowd/atmosphere, well-organized, respected organizer. Other competitions feel overly-commercial, gimmicky, political, and lacking soul.

    SCTC 2018 will feature 3 world-renowned master couples: Los Totis (video), Vanessa Villalba & Facundo Pinero (video), Danilo Maddelena & Alejandra Mantinan (video). All three are incredible powerhouse couples and being invited to LA for the very first time. We have ALWAYS brought new-but-famous couples year (and preferably ones that have never been featured in the US) to keep the event as fresh as possible. They have many fans around the world who are willing to travel anywhere to see them perform and especially take lessons from them.

    - SCTC 2018 will also feature the hugely popular live band Sexteto Milonguero from Buenos Aires. (see video)

    Physical attendance last year was 350-500 dancers a night, not including volunteers, staff, and performers. 4 years ago, the event only attracted about 150. This year's attendance is expected to be more but capped depending on the venue size (great for PR when your event sells out). We are well on track to becoming the biggest (and most prestigious) tango competition in the USA. Our SoCal Champions from 2017 outranked even the USA Champions (SF) at the World Mundial competition this year.

    - Our event is heavily marketed to the entire US tango market (about 10,000 diehard dancers). Around the world, there are easily about 1 million diehard dancers if not more. The entire tango market including the casual/recreational dancers is easily 2-5 times more than the "diehard" figures.

    - Our videos and other media go viral. This one for example...got over 50,000 views and shared nearly 800 times on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/socaltangochampionship/videos/1569657066379611/

    - We are by far the best marketed and best designed tango event. See attached media examples of Facebook flyers, Website design.

    - We have an incredible trailer video being created (almost done). But you can see last year's trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kf-Fh8HaPI
    - See photos of the event. Words can't describe the magnitude and emotional impact of the event.

    Why should you sponsor?

    - Argentine tango caters beautifully to a wide range of demographics from all backgrounds. Male & Female, Ages 25-80, diverse races, educated and affluent (active spenders), well-traveled, extremely loyal to brands.

    We market using word-of-mouth, social media, FB ads, other tango advertisement services, as well as flyers mailed and hand-dropped in person at events. We also have several representatives promoting at other big events around the US.

    Jan Basm

    Yuliana Basmajyan and her team are a group of loyal and professionally-skilled individuals. Tango dancers are well-educated and usually with business experience, the hobby itself is quite expensive. Yuliana Basmajyan and her team have all danced seriously for nearly 10 years or more and very passionate about the art. Yuliana herself is a former champion, well-respected and well-known on the community, with lots of experience running tango events throughout the year.

    We've manged to make this festival a success for the previous years without any real financial sponsorship and now growing into a middle-zone where we are too big for smaller venues but not quite big enough for the bigger (costlier) venues. Finding sponsorships would help to make this event successful. Either way, the event has already and will continue to succeed.

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  • 501-1000 attendees expected

    40% Male Attendees

    60% Female Attendees

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