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    I would like to formally introduce myself , My name is Shyann Villegas I am 23 years old and I am the creator and owner of Variform Studios. To even begin the process of explaining what Variform Studios is and what we Believe , we would have to give you the definition of Variform.  Which is :


    “ (of a group of things) differing from one another in form."variform languages" or (of a single thing or a mass) consisting of a variety of forms or things. "a variform education".


    With that being said , our goal for this brand is much more than a graphic design firm or music studio. This will be a mass of art from all different types of forms. If you think about it, all things begin with art. Whether it’s a cell phone or a building; it all starts with a creative mindset, and who's going to step out the box.  From prior experience , we've seen that a lot of companies are scared to step out of the box and create for the art of it instead they create with a business restriction of art. Variform Studios breaks all boundaries and boxes, We believe if art is to be used, we use it to the full extent, we point out all the purple elephants in the room and call them how we see it. To restrict someone's creative processes and mold them to think otherwise is to deprive someone of their imagination. We are inspired by our imaginations and that allows us to be creative, and that's where our 3 key words for Variform came from. DREAM. Because dreaming is what motivates us, INSPIRE. Because inspiration starts the the push towards your goals, then CREATE. Because creation is the beginning of greatness.


    Now that you have a understanding of what we built our foundation upon let me explain to you what we stand for, Unity, Love and most importantly Passion. We support all creativity. Too many people are told daily that they will never become what they dream to be because of lack of experience or lack of education. After spending my entire life in school , graduating from NYC public schools and on to be the First college graduate of my families generation I have concluded that school is not for everyone , However everyone on this earth is born with a talent and passion. It just takes the right amount of understanding, nurturing, and support to bring the best out of someone, But there aren't many opportunities available when your dreams surpass your situation. How does one conquer such things, they use their talent to create connections; forcing their foot into the door one way or another. And that's where Variform Studios comes into full effect. We are a platform for creativity and passion, we want to help you take that next step up. We not only want to offer opportunities but a breeding ground for other great creative minds. Variform studios is and will be a place of refuge, a place to let your imagination run free without judgement. We welcome all.  


    We at variform are big dreamers, since our creation in 2015, we have stuck by our motives. We constantly organize events to showcase new and upcoming talent and most importantly provide a day of unity.  While attending North Carolina Central University, Variform partnered with the Art department to create a yearly Art Expo for locals in Durham, North Carolina. The events were very successful, and continues to grow each year. Upon Graduating I decided to take it a step further, and move the event to another city. This summer Variform Studios will be presenting its first solo event , which will also be a launch party to introduce the world to the future. The event will be held and announced as


    It will include a line up of local vendors to sell their newest products and schedule performances by poets, singers, dancers, actors , producers etc. During the event we will have many activities occurring as well. For example , one that has always been very popular happens to be the community canvas where we encourage our guest to draw and paint onto a large canvas together to create a mural. Our target audience will be from the ages 18 and up. We hope to get a total of 300 or more guest to attend. 100 % of revenue from this event will be put into finding variform a permanent building. We will continue to host events of this kind to reach our funding goals. All proceedings made from Vender sells will belong to the vender, again we support passions, we are not here to take ownership of the work or music etc from artist involved in the events. Our revenue will come from ticket sales at the door and/or online, and vendor table spots. We are still looking for a place to hold the event. We have  many venues in mind but we are caught between an outdoor or indoor event however if we receive the right amount of funding we would definitely consider indoors. The prospective dates are August 18th, 2017 and August 25th, 2017  from 7:30 pm to 1:30 am


    Why should you sponsor?

    Most Sponsors have passionate ideas about what’s possible in this world. Passions lead you to create experiences and realities that expand your world and inspire those around you. Well here at variform our values co-sign with yours. We are a perfect fit for any sponsor because we are all about supporting Love, unity, and passion. We encourage our Artist and vendors to DREAM INSPIRE AND CREATE !The world we live in today is filled with hate and evil intent all year round , but Variform studios will and must be filled with love and respect 25/8. We don't judge or discriminate. We welcome all at every event to experience creativity at its finest. This event will attract many people with talent and drive.  We at Variform are passionate about seeing others succeed within their passions. We are not only looking for a sponsor but a life time partner, someone who enjoys pouring into people as much as needed. A dream cannot prosper without a helping hand, we hope for you to be that helping hand.


    Age: 23

    Birthday: March 18th

    Born: Brooklyn, Coney Island

    Currently Resides in : Durham N.C.

    Education: North Carolina Central University: December 2016 Graduate

    Shyann Villegas was born March, 18th 1994 in Brooklyn New York at Coney Island Hospital. Born 2 months early she had her first life endeavor. suffering from ABO incompatibility,shyann had to fight for her life. From that day on everyone knew she would be great in everything she does. She was her mother’s pride and joy. She would later become the oldest of ten kids. Shyann had a personality of gold and loved others with all her heart. While attending Port Richmond High School in Staten Island, New York shyann seen the world in a whole new perspective. She was surrounded by many different races and ethnicities. Who constantly inspired her to one day travel the world. She was often a class clown giving off great vibes to friends. Although her teachers didn’t see it that way.Around the 11th grade,her grades began to sink. She became self  aware. Spending less time being the class clown.She knew many people but didn’t consider many of them friends. She just began to drift in the shadows within the school trying to stay focused because she started to feel lost.Every day she would wake up, she’ll find herself asking the same question; what’s my purpose in life, Am I supposed to live life like my fellow neighbors I’m surrounded by. Growing up in New York City, there are a number of things she could get into that could’ve affected her  life in a positive way and or negative way. However being raised in the Spanish and African American community she did, it seemed like everyone was bound to follow one another’s footsteps. Partying, drugs, guns, constant drama, violence and lies. she knew that life and lived it, and she hated it.  As her mother would say, there’s kids like her who have talent and passion for something other than trouble. Some kids like sports, music, or technology;however hers happened to be art. Art made her who she was from a young age. It was the words when she couldn’t speak, her explanation when couldn’t be explained, and her way of release when  upset. In other words it was her only way out. The thought of creating something from nothing was amazing. Recreating something the way you see it through your own eyes; not only leaves you with Art but it also gives you a voice. he’s experienced many who have discouraged her, however she’s also come across many who believed in her. Her motto has always been “Art cannot be defined; each individual is their own artist. “ they can’t define her life or purpose because life is a blank sheet, that has yet to be completed. Her first steps were starting from college,learn from people who might have experienced the exact feelings she have. Shyann attended her first year of college at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester , New York. immediately falling in love with college and life. It took her a while to get the hang of college work because her grades weren’t always the best. She struggled with her academics while her family , miles away struggled with tragic events. Months after the school year ended she found herself completely relocated to Roxboro,North Carolina. Having mixed emotions about the move she didn’t know what to expect. Growing up in the city all her life this was a culture shock. Her question now was only how to get back on her feet. With a heavy heart she took it as a brand new start.

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  • 251-500 attendees expected

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    50% Female Attendees

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