Open Arms Food Pantry Digital Marketing Fundraiser

Los Angeles, California, United States
Tue, Jul 20 - Fri, Dec 31 2021

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Los Angeles, California, United States Los Angeles, California, United States
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About our event

The mission of the festival is to bring awareness, understanding and exploration of the arts to local populations not exposed to the arts regularly while resonating  social awareness & upliftment amongst minority ethnic groups that are not represented in mainstream media and in art communities. The message of peace will transpire from every artist that performs expressing tolerance, human love, cultural expression and positivity.

Join us in marketing your brand and supporting community art programming and food equity within our local community!

The great news is that all proceeds are 100% tax deductible. To speak further please feel free to contact Myeta Perdomo at (213) 300-0080 and chat!


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Who wouldnt want to support a charitable cause that supports Art X Culture, Food Equity and other Community driven programming that assist chronically homeless, transitional age youth, families with infants and those in rehabilitation  to make a better society. 

Our agency offers a great porfolio of digital marketing with the leaders in media of United States. Our events also create fun, effective engagment opportunities that are well rounded and presents results at an affordable cost. 



Digital Marketing Fundraising Packages

Since COVID-19 we understand that many corporations, companies and donors have pivoted this year from all hands on deck experiences to more increased demand of digital marketing sponsorships that can provide just as much effectiveness if not more to an increased segmented targeted market and reach. With our awesome media partners including Audacy Broadcast, LA Times, LA Times of OC, Chamber of Commerces throughout California, LA Weekly and more we have found fun creative and effective methods to make our sponsors pretty happy, gain more consumers, build relationships and sell! Our robust packages are from 5k and up.

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Open Arms Food Pantry and Resource Center erected in 2018 when a group of  likeminded Los Angeles based residents decided to form a charity that would engage in the most vulnerable and helpless residents that consist of homeless veterans, families with children and transitional age youth exiting foster care. We support all of the groups mentioned above and more with essentials from our parnter Proctor and Gramble, United Way and other wonderful suppportive foundations that undertand our cause. Recently since COVID-19 we have initiated pop up events under our Meals 2 Go program and also diaper bank distributions with USC Civic Engagment Department. 

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