Fri, Jul 22 - Sat, Jul 23 2022


Bodø, Nordland, Norway Bodø, Nordland, Norway

  • About the event

    Every year since 2019 i have arranged a competition for my friends. Every summer we get together for two days to compete against eachother in something i have called Champions Beer. Might have taken the idea from watching fotball. 

    The whole essence of the game is that on both friday and saturday, each team gets two hours to complete as many tasks as they can. These tasks are spread all over the city so the teams has to drive around town to get them done. I run my event on the "pics or it didnt happen" terms, meaning that each team has to take pictures of every tasks so its proven they have done it. After the two hours are done, everybody meets back at the meeting point and the points are counnted up, but the winner is not announced unitl everybody finishes on the second day. 

    This comeptition has been a crowd favourite and for this years games, i wanted to take it a notch higher. More teams are joining, morre tasks are being made and the competition is getting significtly larger for each year. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    Sponsors should support my event beauce this is an up and coming competition and i dont doubt it will become a global sensation. Of course i am thinking big when saying this, but being a sponsor in an early state, i assure it would be smart to get in first. 

    Whats something everybody loves? Games. Peoplpe strive for competition, they strive to prove to others that they´re better, that they´re the better team. During the previous games, some of my players have taken piercings, driven over their feet, jumped in the ocean of a 8 meter cliff and much more. People will do anything to win. Not even for the trophy or the prizes, but for the honor of winning. 

    My target group for audience are young adults, after each day of competitions there is an afterparty where ther is drinking included, therefore there is an agelimit of 20 years old. All tough  the people who have joined the competition in the earlier years, i have gotten alot of attention from older people and parents who find my event really interesting and fun. 

    The event has it own website that i am working on, each team has its own teamshirt and we have flyers and bands all over the place, so fronting your buisness would not be a problem, in fact it would be a great plus for your company. 

    Anna Saksenvik

    My name is Anna and i am a 21 year old female from Norway. Currently i am working in a jewlery store and considering studying later on. I still live at home with my parents and my dog, Ludvik. 

    I am a person who enjoys giving til people, i love arranging things for family and friends and giving them memories for life. Thats what this whole event is for, the memories and a fun weekend. 

    My friends always tell me im the most reliable and trusting person they know, the bosses i have had and the boss i have now are all saying the same thing. I gladly take extra shifts for people who are sick, i love giving gifts to people and im a person you truly can rely on. 

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  • 1-50 attendees expected

    50% Male Attendees

    50% Female Attendees

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