Youth Drone Racing League

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Sun, Jul 08 - Mon, Aug 27 2018

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Brooklyn, New York, United States Brooklyn, New York, United States
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About our event

This will be the first-of-its-kind, Youth Drone Challenge League. Kids will register for the summer session and get to practice and compete on our custom-built challenge courses.

At the end of the summer session, there will be a tournament and the best scores (based on time trials and number of LED gates completed) will advance to the finals!


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Nothing like this exists anywhere yet! Drones are incredibly popular with kids and the official Drone Racing League has seen massive adoption and investments. 

For the first time ever, we're bringing that fun and excitement to kids as a brand new sporting league.

We've built our own custom challenge course with controllable LED gates.  It is completely re-arrangeable for infintely unique courses, and 100% portable and battery powered.

We've run the challenge course successfully at 3 local events and it's been a huge hit. Now we're putting it in the spotlight!

We have the entire experience designed and developed including specific  operations roles: Flight Mechanic, Air Traffic Control, and Flight Instructor.

We have a dozen drones, controllers, and twice as many batteries - plenty to last for an entire day.

We mainly run youth activities and classes (and have 6 years experience with that). Our Makerspace has 3 laser cutters which we will use to engrave custom dog tags and other collectables on the event days, with the participants name and score!

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Mike’s passion has always been in exploring how to use technology to create new and novel educational experiences. Through years of tinkering he’s picked up various levels of expertise in teaching technologies ranging from the purely digital development of virtual reality games to the purely physical fabrication of 3D printed functional parts.

In 2012 he founded the Pixel Academy, a STEM-focused after-school and camps provider, and has been running the organization as the CEO ever since. Over the last half decade of leading Pixel he has managed a team of employees through the opening of two New York City locations, organized partnerships with libraries and schools, and designing and executed on operations that have educated thousands of kids.

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