Smyrna, Smyrna, GA, United States
Sun, Apr 22 2018

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Smyrna, Smyrna, GA, United States Smyrna, Smyrna, GA, United States
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About our event

Nanny Nikki Events are colorful and creative social events for the growing population of homeschool children in the Atlanta area. This event provides a meeting space and for an imaginative evening with peers. 

Join us for an evening of magic and super power for the entire family! We will have food! Arts and Crafts! Dancing! and the main attraction: THE BEST DRESSED CONTEST with the winner walking away with a CASH PRIZE!!!! Mom and Dad, sisters and brothers, friends, neighbors, and babies are all encouraged to sign up!!

There is a $3.00 fee per entry into the contest. 

Tickest can be purchased at nannynikkistory.com/events. Lets bring together all our princesses and superheros and make Smyrna more royal.  All while creating lasting memories with family and friends! 


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To whom it may concern, 


I am an author from Atlanta and a advocate for homeschool families everywhere. Based on recent studies, the homeschool growth rate in Georgia is 3.5 percent which is higher than the growth rate for Georgia Public Schools which is 2.7 percent. As Georgia joins the nearly 1.2 million homeschooled children in the nation, we seek to provide wholesome events where children have opportunities to socialize, make new friends, and lasting memories.


As you know, children greatly influence the buying patterns and decisions taken by their parents. At an event that's brimming with children lies a perfect opportunity for businesses to market their products for a nominal cost. 


When mothers gather for a party, comments are often made about quality of the food, facility, and experience. The experience alone guarantees customers, simply because it leaves a lasting impression on both mother and child and when planning a gathering, the LAST thing a parent wants to stress over is WHERE to get what they need. They will likely go where they have fond memories, and we help provide those for your business. A well-executed event can work wonders for a brand in helping it get the attention to drive favourable customer response which directly increases revenue. At the end of the event, your business will have effectively generated positive brand association with each parent, vendor, and child. 


A part of my book collection is supporting the homeschool community and supporting mom who seek to give a well rounded education to their children. I host such events. Together, we can reach a large local market. We look forward to partnering together to support the homeschool community, and we thank you for your consuderation as we look forward to hearing from your team about how we can work together.



We expect to have a turn out of about 30-50 people although small, impacting the community one family at a time. We also will have vendor tables so there are many ways you can partner with us to support the homeschool community. We are Very excited about the upcoming calendar year and we know that working with your company would be a tremendous benefit for both parties involved. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you by 03/30/2018








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Nikita is a bursting well of creativity with a passion for helping children. She especially focuses on homeschooled children in hopes to help them reach their true potential. 


As a homeschool mom, teacher, and tutor, Nikita has successfully homeschooled her son along with countless privately tutored children. 


She has also authored The Nanny Nikki book series. Each book is accompanied by an audiobook, visual audiobook, and original song which she wrote and performs. Additionally, she has a YouTube channel that focuses on educational fun upbeat music videos. 


It is her hope to encourage children through these events, to embrace their quirks, chase their dreams, love education and make lasting friendship along the way. 

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