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Thu, Mar 01 - Sat, Apr 21 2018

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Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States
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Reality Action Comedy Show - STUNTGIRL

About Rachel Star Withers who pushes limits and does crazy stunts.

Season1- 10 Episodes will be filmed then shopped to TV networks and internet platforms (Hulu, Netflix, Youtube RED). 

Amazon Prime is already Confirmed.

Preproduction: January/February 2018

Production: March 2018

Post Production: April 2018

Episode Length: Half Hour 

Filmed in 4K 


Stunt Woman and Entertainer Rachel Star Withers who has been on numerous TV shows: NBC’s America’s Got Talent and American Ninja Warrior, MTV’s Ridiculousness, TruTV’s World’s Dumbest and Top 20, Syfy’s Insane or Inspired, G4’s Ninja Warrior, Whacked Out Sports, Whacked Out Videos ...

She also has a YouTube channel with over 10 Million views and has had her videos go viral multiple times totaling over 100 Million views. 

Show Summary:

Episodes would feature 2-3 smaller stunts followed by a larger stunt. 

An opening stunt that is pushing limits of what is possible followed by 1 to 2 stupid funny stunts and finally a large crazy stunt. 

Each stunt would include quick set up, attempts and fails. After final larger stunt wrap of outtake/fails of each. 

*A Warning will appear at the beginning or each episode to not attempt and that Rachel is a trained Stunt Woman

Past Similar TV Shows:

Jackass     Wildboyz     Ridiculousness 

How is Stuntgirl different?

Stuntgirl features just Rachel Star Withers pulling in the viewer with the stunts filmed close as if they are right in the action. You want to look away but can’t. 


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Sponsorship Opportunities

Great for High Energy Brands!

Rachel Star Withers youtube (www.youtube.com/rachelstarlive) already has over 10 Million views and 27,000 subscribers. 


Men: 77%

Women: 23%


18-24: 23%

24-34: 44%

34-44: 29%


US: 47%

International: 53%

(UK, Canda, India, Germany- respectively)

Sponsorship money is being used to fund production costs including: filming equipment, camera people, on set safety help, locations, stunt supply costs. A budget break down is avalible for anyone interested in sponsoring the entire season. 

All Sponsors will get updates on Production. 



Listed in Credits of One Episode

Name listed in credits of one episode under Sponsors -Plus shout out video from set



Name in Credits of 3 Episodes

-Name listed in Credits of 3 episodes under Sponsors -Mini Promotional video for your Brand filmed on set



The Making Of

Sponsor "The Making Of" Video that is being filmed throughout Production. -Name listed in credits under Special Thank You. -Product Placement in Video. -Promotional Video for your Brand filmed on set



Sponsor an Episode

There will be 10 episodes. One episode would be sponsored by you and include Logo, Website, Location in credits. -2 Featurettes Videos that will be "Brought to you by:_____” -Product Placement in Episode. -Promotional Video for your Brand filmed on set. -Rachel Star available to come and Brand Rep at your own promotional events.



Gold Package- Sponsor Season 1

Sponsoring the entire Season 1 of STUNTGIRL. -In credits vocals and text: This Season of STUNTGIRL is Brought To You By ____. -Logo/website/location would also appear. -Line of Featurette Videos that will be "Brought To You By_______". -Product/Brand Placement throughout episodes. -Line of On Set Promotional videos involving the actual stunts will be made for your use and also uploaded to youtube (27,000+ subscribers). -Rachel Star available to come and Brand Rep at your own Promotional Events

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I'm Rachel Star Withers!

I have appeared on TV shows around the world including:

MTV's Ridiculousness

NBC's America's Got Talent

NBC's American Ninja Warrior

TruTV's World's Dumbest/Top 20

Syfy's Insane or Inspired

Featured on TheLadBible, CollegeHumor, Break, NPR, CBS Radio, DailyMail, Women's Health, Yahoo News.

I am a Professionally Trained Stunt Woman. I have a Bachelor's in Entertainment Management from Johnson and Wales University and attended Film School.

The past 12 years I have been making crazy stunt videos for youtube and TV shows. My videos have gone viral multiple times.