Sun, Nov 11 2018

Stars Over Scars,

Restoration 1894, Liberty, Missouri, United States Restoration 1894, Liberty, Missouri, United States

  • About the event

    Stars Over Scars is a movement against sexual assault promoting awareness. This event will be a launch to give birth to a non-profit organization to start up the movement of Stars Over Scars. The event will be filled with live music, poetry, artwork, speakers, and everybody in the area coming together to support the launch of the movement. Stars Over Scars has been my life motto that saved my life through this past year after my sexual assault took place. This event is a new step for me, to officially move on and out from the struggles of this year. This is to help bring our community together and activate awareness. 

    Why should you sponsor?

    Sponsoring this event will bring a large amount of publicity to you! I will make sure individually thank every sponsor that helped support this event and make it clear the audience knows who the sponsors are and more about each sponsor. This event will also help each sponsor, by showing its support for the sexual assault awareness community and helping launch this organization, it will be a very good contribution to you!

    Bella Cordero

    I am a victim of sexual assault, who is ready to put a stop to this problem. It all started with a small star charm bracelet and necklace that I would wear every day. The summer after my sexual assault, I developed sleeping problems due to traumatic nightmares. Every night I would hate to fall asleep because the nightmares made my reality almost seem more like a dream. I knew it would be worse to fall asleep then to stay awake crying. My body would wake up every morning around two or three in the morning, sweating, crying, heavy breathing, and shaking. The traumatic nightmares began to take over my nights, so instead to calm myself down I would watch the stars from my bedroom window to help calm myself. Stars truly saved my life, I learned to add stars to my body rather than scars. Whether they were mental, emotional or physical scars. Whenever I was tempted to add scars, I would instead draw small stars up my arms, on my fingertips, or cover my feet with small scars till it looked like the night sky. I recently got a small star tattooed on my collarbone right above my heart. I stuck over 600 small stars on my bedroom ceiling, so at night when I became most vulnerable to trauma attacks and victim blaming thoughts coming into my head, I just turn off my lights and the stars light up and I watch my very own sky of stars that I created. Stars Over Scars helped save my life, my goal is to help save others too.

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  • 101-250 attendees expected

    30% Male Attendees

    70% Female Attendees

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