Spirit Of Woodstock

Riverhead, New York, United States
Sat, Sep 30 - Sun, Oct 01 2017

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Riverhead, New York, United States Riverhead, New York, United States
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About our event

The Spirit Of Woodstock is a music festival "battle of the bands" type of event. It is being held at Spirit's Promise Horse Rescue in Riverhead and all the proceeds are going to support the amazing horses and animals they have saved. At Spirit's Promise we rescue and rehabilitate horses that have been saved from neglect, abuse or are being retired. We repurpose these amazing animals to be teachers and healers to different groups of people, but this specific event will help us to fund our therapy program to accomodate Veterans and First Responders. Here at Spirits Promise 2017 is the year of the Servicemen and women dedicated to keeping us safe. All First Responders and Veterans admission to the event is free of charge. 


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Spirit's Promise 501(c)(3) is unlike any other place because of its accepting and laid back atmosphere. Here we help all groups of people through Equine Therapy and volunteer work on the farm. The horses have a way of connecting with people on a level we are still understanding, and the effect can be life changing. These thousand pound animals really have way of forcing people to stay in the moment because of their size and gentle nature. People who have never been around our horses go on a journey that takes them from being intimidated to inspired. Spirit's Promise helps children with autism, cancer patients/survivors, battered women, troubled teens, LGBTQ community, Veterans, people suffering with PTSD, or anyone that is going through a tough time in life. The "therapists" or horses that Spirits Promise have rescued come from all over Long Island and the United States. They survive neglect, abuse and sheer trauma. They can finally rest and have peace at Spirit's Promise Horse Rescue.

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Spirit's Promise Horse Rescue is a completely family run 501(c)(3) rescue. It is run by Marisa Striano and her daughter Jessie Siegel for the last 6 years. We also have a full staff of very selfless volunteers who work tirelessly to make sure our beautiful rescued animals have everything they need to flourish. Spirit’s Promise Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation rescues horses who have been abused, neglected, or unwanted. When these beautiful animals arrive, we give them a new educational and recuperative purpose — and in return, they repay us with love, sensitivity, and an innate spirituality unique to the species. These amazing animals become therapists, teachers and healers and have become the center of our equine therapy related programs. The money we raise will go to further developing our equine therapy program so that we can help the people that need it most free of charge. Some groups we help are Veterans, First Responders, people who suffer with PTSD, cancer patients/survivors, children with autism, battered women, LGBTQ community and many other pupulations.