Fri, Sep 14 - Mon, Sep 17 2018

Serenity Base Festival,

Danville, Illinois, United States Danville, Illinois, United States

  • About the event


    Serenity Base Fest is a 3-day camping, creative community festival that celebrates mind, body, and spirit through interactive art installations, mindful movement workshops, and curated music. We're focusing heavily on Chicago and MidWest local talent - artists, musicians, builders, creators, designers, vendors, and ultimately patrons.


    Art installations will range from live painting, live sculpting, live welding, collaborative art pieces attendees can work on together, cirque performers walking around, to static installations that you can interact with, and technologically sponsored installations.



    Movement workshops will be offered daily and open to everyone. These workshops are based around meditation, yoga, Reiki, light activation, sonic healing, sound baths, energy healing, spiritual healers, slacklining, tarot readings, dance therapy, Merkaba, among other forms of movement and meditation.



    This is a brand new kind of camping festival that starts in the morning with yoga, meditation, a healthy breakfast, and a DJ dance party. SBF is unique in that we begin each day with intention, purpose, energy, yoga, meditation, and dancing. Starting at 8am Friday, we begin with yoga and meditation. After, we launch into a full day and night of healing workshops, curated art installations, mindful movement workshops, world class musicians, and so much more.


    This 5000 person festival is about the ease and flow of the transfer of energy, wisdom, love, and knowledge across an intimate subsect of Chicago's, and the MidWest's creative communities. Activate your mind, body, and spirit to the highest level, as we are focused on health, wellness, community, personal growth, and mischief (without alcohol).


    All vendors and artists should embody: clean eating, healthy living, sustainable mindset, energy conscious, creative, and be knowledgeable veterans of the community.

    Serenity Base is all about making extraordinary moments accessible to every attendee.

    Why should you sponsor?

    We're focused on the local Chicago creative community while spreading wisdom and energy throughout the Mid West. We are the first 3-day camping festival that focuses on starting the day with purpose and intention through movement, meditation, and music. 

    This type of cohesive and collaborative environment exists and flourishes on the West Coast. Chicago and the Mid West have the audience, but until now, there hasn't been an active, conscious, and mindful festival geared toward nourishing the mind, body, and spirit. 

    Blake Smolensky

    Blake Smolensky

    Growing up around a family-run, event production company, Blake has had the opportunity of seeing how private events are produced: both social and corporate. Blake has always been attracted to music and entertainment as a product of his environment. All his life, he’s been attending concerts, events, conferences, and festivals all while building a mass network of friends and connections to assist in every aspect of producing a festival. Blake’s  uncle, Michael Kandel, was an experimental, electronic producer from the mid-80s through 2015 when he passed away. His stage name was Tranquility Bass, and Blake pulls much of the inspiration for Serenity Base from both his uncle’s music and lifestyle and dad’s business.

    Josh Eidenberg

    Josh is a serial entrepreneur who understands that gratitude is the way to create more abundance. Life for Josh has been all about the people he meets and things he creates with them. Over the past 10 years Josh has worked in video production around the globe with fortune 100 brands, been a part of over 250 market research studies, created award winning technology, and recently launched an innovation consulting company. He spends his free time traveling all over the world attending conferences, festivals, concerts, summits, and other events.  Combining all these great experiences has provided the perfect, cohesive jet fuel for launching a festival. Josh loves to be the life of the party and happiness facilitator.

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  • 5001-10000 attendees expected

    25% Male Attendees

    75% Female Attendees

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