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    Rather your company would be interested in sponsoring, partnering up, or taking in a full investment in our team; we promise pure & crystal clear success with eye opening results. With our expertise in the paranormal & how certain equipment/software works, we could add essential value to your progress as a corporation of culture & diversity. Rather it is working as P.I.O.T. or following a common ground that your company may have great interest & value in. Paranormal investigating or just the paranormal category itself; offers a world of knowledge & culture. This is where we begin to meet new people, ways of life, beliefs, technology, ideas, & most importantly, the audience’s attention.

    Why should you sponsor?

    P.I.O.T. is filled with honest & hard working people. We live with a passion to discover, expand, & share. Our desire is to speak with your company for a potential sponsorship or even a paranormal television show. With hope to spark some form of growing relationship & interest. Your company could expand with the name P.I.O.T. exponentially; because we have already founded a strong title, logo, baseline operation/outreach, are well trained, & geared passionately towards success in the paranormal field. Also including the significant revenue possibilities; which have been idealized profoundly towards product, amusement, & entertainment related services.


    While P.I.O.T. & your company has the ranged opportunity of designing custom & unique products together; we could also offer an even wider variety of products & services by amplifying interest demands. The opportunities can flare a bright start with traditional products displaying your company/P.I.O.T. labels & logos, actual paranormal investigating equipment, or even live paranormal investigating tours with fans. Obviously a television series is the primary target product, but my point is directed towards extensions of development. Even producing a full paranormal documentary could ignite some serious inquiries & strong fan bases. All in which would generate a powerful approach & genre for your company; including new & promising propositions & marketing values. Imagine the tremendous news & positive audience feedback that a “paranormal” addition to your company will thrive on; along with a promising & professional paranormal team as the supporting foundation. Simply the surprise, thrill, & eagerness it will bring to patrons all around the world & even to your habitual audience. The curiosity of fans & faithful consumers would soar straight off the charts; with such a propitious & intriguing approach. Along with our exquisite skills & accurate strategies, we can bring your company not only a powerful new television show, but an exciting & determined series that will display truth & phenomenal success.

    Schuler Johnson

    My name is Schuler Johnson. I am the founder, an administrator, & the leading investigator of the paranormal team P.I.O.T. (Paranormal Investigations & Observations Team). We are a strict & professional paranormal team in the field in which we operate. We have been experienced since March 2, 2011 with many investigations underneath our belt. We use great tactics, methods, equipment/technology, & software to validate our data & experiences with the most honest & conclusive results. My team & I truly feel that we would be a strong candidate for a potential sponsorship with any company that shares great interest & promise in the paranormal. Not only do we wish to speak out on our behalf of why we would make the best selection for a sponsorship, but to propose a strong partnership & healthy expansion for any company that displays interest with our team.

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